If you are looking to increase the size of your biceps, these are the five exercises you need

If you are looking to increase the size of your biceps, these are the five exercises you need

The biceps are one of the muscles that people most like to train in a gym. If they are trained correctly, it’s easy for biceps to grow and give an appearance of having big arms.

Nonetheless, they don’t usually train properlyso in this article we are going to leave you a few exercises so that you can apply different stimuli your biceps to grow.

spider curls

The spider curl with dumbbells is an exercise that generates great metabolic stress, since the point of maximum tension coincides with the point of greatest shortening of the biceps, accumulating nutrients and metabolites such as lactate that produce greater congestion.

To do it, we have to tilt a bench and support our chest on the bench. Then, drop your arms with the dumbbells or the bar as it can be done both ways. Next, perform a biceps curl to the point of maximum contraction.

Concentrated Dumbbell Curl

This is probably the biceps exercise what isolates him the most since it avoids any type of rocking or help from other muscle groups. To do it, we have to sit on a bench and, supporting the triceps on the inside of the knee, bend the elbow.

Dumbbell Hammer Curl

The hammer curl is undoubtedly one of the exercises that most athletes use to develop their biceps. This is due to the comfort when executing the movement and the weight that can be moved.

The hammer curl is very comfortable because the grip used is neutral, that is, the palms of the hands face each other. This also decreases the chances of getting injured.

To execute it correctly, we can stand up or stand on a bench (if we can support our backs to avoid swaying, better), leave our shoulders completely still and perform the movement only by flexing our biceps.

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Conventional curl with barbell or dumbbells

We can do this exercise by holding a dumbbell with each hand or a barbell with both hands. In any of the ways we will work the biceps, only when doing it with dumbbells, the work of each of the arms will be the same, Since when working with a barbell, almost always one of the arms will lift more load than the other, since we always exert more force with one arm than with the other.

preacher curl

This is the last great exercise that we leave you to work the biceps. The preacher curl or Scott bench curl has the particularity that it is perfect for develop the most distal portion of the biceps that attaches to the elbowsince the point of maximum tension in this exercise is precisely in the initial section of the concentric phase.

When performing the exercise, try not to bring your shoulders too far forward as there is a possibility of injury. Therefore, retract the scapulae and avoid any rocking with the body and flex only the elbow.

How many sets and reps to do

The biceps are muscles that do not tolerate high volume of work, so it is unfeasible to train them in the same way as the legs. Therefore, when it comes to doing a good biceps workout, we suggest that of the five exercises we have discussed above, choose three (rotate the exercises in each session to offer different stimuli) and do each exercise three series and that each series is carried out between the 12 and 15 repetitions.

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