If I’m looking to lose weight, am I more interested in running or HIIT?

If I’m looking to lose weight, am I more interested in running or HIIT?

When we want to lose weight, we should always choose to do strength training and cardiovascular work. The first type of training is to maintain as much muscle mass as possible and the second to perform increased caloric deficit through exercise and not having to do by means of food.

Now, cardiovascular exercise can be done in multiple ways. Although walking cardio can be done, there are times when people they don’t have as much time and have to run or do a HIIT. But which one is better?

Each type of cardio has its pros and cons.Therefore, we are going to see what happens when we want to lose weight and what type of cardio would be better.

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What happens when we lose weight

When we are losing weight (in a healthy context it would be mostly body fat), what we are doing is taking energy stores from our body. Although we declaratively know that it can be positive for our health, for our brain it is a stress, since our brain is “situated” in what happened thousands of years ago.


Therefore, if we start to lose body fat, what is going to happen is that our body is going to be more tired, more exhausted and less able to perform physical exercise.

This is one of the reasons why people plateau when they are losing body fat. There is always the situation of “if I eat the same thing, I don’t understand why I don’t lose weight”. This can happen because you are moving less. For example, if on a normal day you took 10-12 thousand steps and now you unconsciously take 7-8 thousand steps, calories expended through physical activity They will have decreased a lot.

For this reason, in addition to having more or less control over what you are eating, it is also important to monitor what you are spending.

Is it better HIIT or running

Knowing that our ability to recover decreases when we are losing body fat and that, in addition, we would have to perform three to four strength training sessions a week In order not to lose muscle mass, we will have to stay with the physical activity that causes the least stress.

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HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) or high intensity interval training consists of mixing short periods of time of a very intense cardio trainingaround 80-90% of our heart rate, with other periods also short moderate or low intensity (50-60%).

On the other hand, when we run, we can range from very low intensities to very high intensities. Everything will depend on our cardiorespiratory capacity and the time we have to go for a run. Time is a factor that greatly influences when performing any type of physical activity. For example, a person who works partially and has a lot of time to go running at low-medium intensity is not the same as a parent who works full time, has a family and can only do 15-20 minutes of HIIT training. up to date.

Therefore, our suggestion is that it is the training that has to be adapted to the needs of each person, and not the person to the training, since if we do it in the latter way, there will be almost no adherence and we will end up leaving the training very soon. On the other hand, if we adapt the training to our needs, there will be no adherence problem as long as we like the physical activity we are doing.

As we have commented, the best for these definition stages is perform cardio training at the lowest intensity possible so that it does not affect other areas of our lives, since if we find ourselves tired to work, study, etc., we will be losing much more than we will be gaining.


Therefore, if we have enough time, it would be best to go for a run at low-medium intensity with a volume that we can tolerate perfectly and, if we want, we can carry out one HIIT session per week.

And finally, if we have very little time to perform cardiovascular exercise or little time in general to train, it is best to do a HIIT combining strength training with cardiovascular exercise to get the benefits of strength training and the benefits of cardiovascular training.

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