ideal pieces for a house full of style

ideal pieces for a house full of style

We love the Primark deco cuties. The brand low cost He always offers us very cute pieces to change different corners of the house and give it another air with simple and very cheap proposals.

The new Spring-Summer 2022 collection It is ideal, full of details and cute options to transform a space. We can find all kinds of pieces: chairs, puffs, crockery to surprise with the most elegant tables, deco objects, combined cushions, vases, candles… proposals so beautiful that you will not be able to resist snacking on some.

Face Candle Gbp 3 50 Eur4 Small Female Form Ornament Gbp2 50 Eur3 50x50 Waffle Cushion Gbp9 Eur10

The new collection is minimalist and sober, colors that give off calm, in addition to the classic black and white. Stylish deco pieces for the living room and for the bedroom, such as eye-catching vases or striking figures. In addition, there is no shortage of black or beige cushions that are capable of totally changing a space.

Small Ridgid Decorative Base Gbp3 50 Eur4 Small Wood Sphere Ornament Gbp2 50 Eur3 Cotton Scented Hex Glass Candle Gbp2 Eur2 50 Large Female Form Ornament Gbp8 Eur9

Original candles and air fresheners cannot be missing in any corner of the house, the perfect complement to achieve an ideal space, often together located in sophisticated golden and mirrored trays.

Silicon 1

If you like to have a tidy kitchen, the low cost brand offers us very practical organizers with wooden lids and perfect ceramic pieces for the kitchen. He also thinks about the tables and offers us avant-garde tableware in black and white, accompanied by serving trays of different shapes and sizes, and with compartments. Bets that are sweeping homeware collections.

Design Ceramic Bowl Gbp4 Eur4 50 Design Ceramic Side Plate Gbp4 Eur4 50 Design Ceramic Dinner Plate Gbp6 Eur7 Design Ceramic Mug Gbp3 50 Eur4
Boucle Chair Gbp80 Eur90 Boucle Stool

One of the most special pieces in this collection is the chair and puff with curly hair in light gray. Comfortable and pretty. Its price is 90 euros.

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The prices of the candles oscillate between 3 euros and 6 euros; the cushions 12 euros; deco pieces range between 4 euros and 7 euros; and the dishes 4.50 euros.

Shoot 10 Pos A3 Livingroom
Large Female Ornament Gbp8 Eur9 Tie Linen Oblong Cushion Gbp7 Eur8 100 Cotton Crinkle Duvet Cover Gbp25 Face Candle Gbp3 50 Eur4
Bubble Ceramic Candle Gbp5 Eur6 Bubble Wax Shaped Candle Gbp1 50 Eur2
Large Wall Art Black Gbp6 Eur7 50x50 Waffle Cushion Gbp9 Large Black Print Vase Gbp10 Small Circle Dinner Holder Gbp4 Eur5 Eur12
Small Female Form Ornament Gbp2 50 Eur3 Small Ridgid Base Coat Gbp3 50 Eur4 4x4 Speckle Effect Square Frame Gbp1 Eur1 50
Shoot 03 Web
Small Storage Jar Gbp7 Eur8 Large Storage Jar Gbp9 Eur10 3 Pack Pinch Bowl Gbp3 Eur4

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