iCUE LC100: Make your PC shine with Corsair’s new individual lighting panels

iCUE LC100: Make your PC shine with Corsair’s new individual lighting panels

iCUE LC100 is Corsair’s new PC customization proposal, which will allow you to maximize your style with RGB. We tell you more in this note!

iCUE LC100 is the new from Corsair in PC customization. This is a kit of small lighting triangles leds that are placed, to your liking, inside your cabinet (or outside). Ideal to give that personal touch to your computer. Of course, they are handled entirely by the Corsair iCUE Softwareso they are in tune with the rest of your setup.

the starter kit iCUELC100, allows you to place the triangles as you like inside your pc and contains 9 pieces. Their magnetic system makes them easy to handle and install. You can expand your design with up to 18 panels in total.

The flexibility of the magnetic connection system of the iCUELC100, allows you to go beyond the second dimension and create advanced designs in the third dimension. This is thanks to the eight low-profile connectors that are included in each kit, and the two corner hinges on each panel.

You will be able to challenge your own creativity or simply search for new ideas that you like on the web.

Each panel features nine rhinestones RGB-LEDs housed in a robust chassis that diffuses the light for continuous and uniform lighting effects. comes with controller Lighting NodePro included, so you can use the software Corsair iCUE to your liking, to generate your own style, combining these accessories with the rest of your setup.

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iCUE LC100: Make your PC shine with Corsair's new individual lighting panels

There are different color modes, depending on your style: Pastels, Rainbows, rain or just a fixed color of your choice, if you are more discreet.

Panels iCUE LC100 have a lifespan of up to 17,520 hours and are backed by a 2-year warranty. Corsair, valid all over the world. There is still no estimated date to have them in Argentina but it is expected that they will be available in the course of the following months.

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