Ibai Llanos surpasses 9 million followers on Twitch at the beginning of 2022

Ibai Llanos surpasses 9 million followers on Twitch at the beginning of 2022

The Twitch streaming platform is home to many of today’s most popular streamers and content creators, and one of them is undoubtedly Ibai Llanos, who has shown us that as a content creator and as a brand in it can definitely explode in 2022.

Something that has caught our attention is that the popular content creator has achieved something that is just a dream for many streamers around the world, and that is that, when we meet at the beginning of 2022, it has already managed to exceed 9 million followers on Twitch.

Best of all, this content creator has become quite famous, to the extent that he was already highlighted even in the Forbes report for having 9 million followers and for being named streamer of the year, but Ibai is much more, and since his beginnings as a streamer, we carry him in our hearts.

It is a benchmark in communication for young people, but it also emphasizes over and over again awareness messages for a public that usually lives far from it. If to this is added the communicative turn intermingling worlds from his interviews or the leap to the competitive esports with a newly created team together with Gerard Piqué, without a doubt Ibai Llanos is positioned as one of the names of the year, but for much more of what Forbes projects.

On December 31, 2021, he carried out the New Year’s Eve Chimes on Twitch, together with Ramón García at Puerta del Sol from Madrid, achieving a peak of viewers of 800,000 and thus becoming the second most viewed transmission of his channel, therefore We know that Ibai Llanos has a long way to go, and a very productive and growing 2022.

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