Hyundai technology that will take care of the driver in future autonomous cars

Hyundai technology that will take care of the driver in future autonomous cars

Hyundai has set out to reduce the accident rate on board its models. The Korean technology division has unveiled the latest great novelty that Hyundai Mobis is working on, a system that constantly monitors the vital signs of drivers to prevent accidents.

Volvo is one of the European brands that tirelessly strives to achieve a zero accident rate on board its models, offering various solutions that prevent events with victims. those of hyundai mobis, the advanced technology division of the Koreans, is also committed to following this line, although with its own developments. The great latest news is a system that constantly monitors the vital signs of drivers.

Baptized as “Smart Cabin Controller», it is a system specially designed for the future autonomous cars of the Hyundai group, in which the driver cannot take control due to illness on board. The system captures information from four sensors – an ECG sensor installed on the steering wheel that measures heart rate and pulse, another that measures brain waves through the ears and another two that, installed in the air conditioning, measure temperature, humidity and the level of carbon dioxide – while a 3D camera monitors the posture behind the wheel.

Hyundai develops the “Smart Cabin Controller” system to monitor the health of the driver behind the wheel

Hyundai’s future self-driving cars will take you to the hospital

All the information is processed in powerful software and analyzed immediately, showing warnings and advice on the instrument screen if it detects that the driver is suffering from fatigue, tiredness or stress. For example, recommending a stop or opening the windows to ventilate the passenger compartment, functions that the system can perform autonomously. Those responsible for Hyundai Mobis point out that this technology is not ready for implementation, as they seek the vehicle itself is capable of transporting the driver to a hospital in an emergency like a heart attack.

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Cheon Jae-seung, R&D director of Hyundai Mobis, explained that “Our main competitive advantage is the software solution developed for the application of healthcare to mobility and the controller that enables integrated control”, adding that “Based on the unique vital database we have built, we will continue to expand this technology to provide more features, including motion sickness prevention, stress management and prevention of drunk driving».

The manufacturer has decided to change its strategy for the future autonomous models it will offer, moving from performance and high performance to paying more attention to the driver and passengers, understanding that not everything is connectivity and digital services or the search for comfort with habitability. Hyundai has found a new approach, taking care of the driver’s health in all types of journeys to prevent and avoid accidents.