Many times we look for beauty products that are capable of renewing the skin, that “awaken” the luminosity and at the same time not have to give up hydration. Because right at this point is where the balance needs to be, like Chanel’s new facial product Hydra Beauty Camellia Glow, a concentrate designed to combat dull, fatigued and dehydrated complexions.

Lily Rose Depp for Chanel Beauty

Hydra Beauty Camellia Glow Chanel

Come on, we are talking about a perfect treatment to “reset” the skin and make it look fresh, juicy and light again. For this, Chanel has wanted the formula of this product to have a double effectiveness, which on the one hand micro-exfoliate effectively but gently, so that the skin does not suffer or dehydrate, quite the opposite, feel comfortable and hydrated, at the same time that the skin looks soft and luminous again, as stated by the firm:

You no longer have to worry about exfoliating your skin, hydration is maintained and enhanced thanks to the exceptional qualities of Camellia japonica alba full, an emblematic ingredient of the Hydra Beauty line.

The texture of this product is fine, slightly gelled to provide that feeling of freshness and calm that fatigued skin seeks.

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White Camellia the main ingredient

This flower, according to Chanel, has been selected by the firm’s researchers, is cultivated in the soil specifically in laboratories, but in the open sky and is located in Gaujacq in southwestern France. From the White Camellia an active principle is used, the Camellia Alba PFA, which is capable of restoring the water balance in the heart of the cells.

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Another active ingredient that we find in the formula and that is used for the first time in this treatment, is camellia yeast extract, which as indicated by the firm, is a hydration enhancer thanks to the fact that it increases the natural synthesis of hyaluronic acid.

For exfoliating action it has 3 AHAs of natural origin of a 3% concentrationThis complex of 3 AHAs provides a smooth, progressive exfoliation with good tolerance, as we are told from Chanel.

Price 80 euros.

Photo | Chanel