Hunter X Hunter will have new chapters!

Hunter X Hunter will have new chapters!

Four years have passed since the last chapter of the manga by hunter x hunter came into our hands. Since then, fans have constantly wondered when Yoshihiro Togashi will return to the acclaimed series. Well, it seems that the long run will come to an end shortly, since this mangaka has revealed that he is already working on four new chapters.

In the early hours of today, a Twitter account began to create commotion. Although the user has a strange name, the person behind the account was alleged to be Togashi. Eventually, Yusuke Murata, manga creator One Punch Manconfirmed that the profile of Un4v5s8bgsVk9Xp is in charge of the creator of hunter x hunter. In this way, the promise of four new chapters in the history of Gon Freecss and company gained strength.

This is very good news, but the details remain a mystery. At the moment it is unknown specifically when Hunter X Hunter will return. Similarly, it has been mentioned that Togashi may well be working on a whole new volume, and not just the four chapters he mentioned.

hunter x hunter began running in 1998, and it wasn’t until 2018 that the series went on hiatus indefinitely, this because the author had health problems. However, it seems that this is no longer an inconvenience, at least for the moment, and Yoshihiro Togashi is more than ready to probably start with the end of this story.

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Editor’s note:

Although I’m more of a fan Yuyu Hakusho, I can not deny that Hunter X Hunter is a fantastic work, and one of the best exponents of shonen. I just hope that Togashi gets a chance to finish his work, before something unfortunate happens to his health.

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