Hunted the Ford Mustang S650 2024, first spy photos of the seventh generation

Hunted the Ford Mustang S650 2024, first spy photos of the seventh generation

The first tests of the new 2024 Ford Mustang S650 have started in the United States, with some spy photos at the central base in Dearborn. A new indiscretion of those from Michigan with one of the first prototypes of the sports car that already reveals a more modern and sporty design.

The first tests of the new generation of the American “pony-car” have already started. These are the first tests of the prototype of the new Ford Mustang S650 2024 with its production body. Of course, well camouflaged so that as few details as possible are appreciated, but still, they are appreciated and interesting.

these first spy photos of the new Mustang, hunted on one of the test tracks of the Dearborn technical center, in Michigan, United States, show that the new design language that the blue oval firm is implementing in the new generation of models from the Mondeo Evos sold in China, and in which it is assumed that it will also arrive in Europe converted into a crossover, it is present, highlighting the novel horizontal LED daytime running light signature, and in headlights that will be much slimmer.

The prototype of the new Ford Mustang S650 2024 begins its first tests in a closed circuit

The new generation of the Ford Mustang S650 will arrive in 2024

A more aggressive appearance that will be complemented by the also new design of the radiator grille, with an elliptical shape and very similar to that of the S550. In between, and despite the fact that the camouflage is bulky and tries to distort the proportions, these will not be very different in this seventh generation, compared to the one currently on sale.

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A long hood and a very delayed passenger compartment, the aesthetic keys of a sports car of very high performance, together with a shorter rear part, where the pilots also illuminate in the usual vertical arrangement. An indication that these optical groups will change but maintaining the three typical bars that make it perfectly recognizable as a Mustang. The new sports car also sports a pair of exhaust pipes, perfectly integrated into the bumper.

For now, there are no images of the interior, but the American firm promises that it will also offer a new and evolved design in which sportsmanship will not be at odds with connectivity. In terms of mechanical ace, the future Mustang will not give up the powerful engine 5.0-liter V8, but a hybrid mechanic will be mandatory if it wants to remain an option in Europe. In this case, it is expected that the block of 2.3-liter EcoBoost four-cylinder receives electric assistance. A new Mustang that will reach the American market at the end of the spring 2023, as 2024 model.