Hugh Jackman used Wolverine to avoid being deported

Hugh Jackman used Wolverine to avoid being deported

The actor who played Wolverine in the X-Men movies, Hugh Jackman, has explained how he used the Marvel character to avoid being deported.

The star of the film franchise X Men in the past, Hugh Jackmanhas revealed that he almost missed out on the chance to play his legendary role as Wolverines because of a deportation. More specifically, he was about to be deported right at the beginning of the filming of the first film. From that he has rained a lot, as we all know. The last time we saw him was in 2017, in the unforgettable Logan. A film that was not only a worldwide box office success, it was also critically acclaimed. In fact, it got the surprising Oscar nomination. Unfortunately, it did not win in the category of Best Adapted Screenplay with this great tape of Marvel.

The story of the “almost” deportation of the acclaimed Australian actor

During an appearance on the jimmy kimmel showHugh Jackman has recounted how he was once stopped at the airport on his way to Canada. He was about to start filming the original X-Men movie. The actor, who brought Wolverine to life for the first time, received the work visa required for the job. However, as he himself has recalled, the experience he lived through was not exactly positive. He thus he has remembered the incident in the television program of the American humorist:

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«I broke myself. He was pathetic. They told me: ‘Go there’. It was the kind of room you imagine, one you would never want to enter. I waited there an hour and a half. Then I made a phone call. The guy told me to hang up the phone immediately. ‘This is serious! You have no rights here! You are not allowed to make phone calls!’ I just sat there thinking, ‘Okay… I’ve missed the biggest opportunity of my life. I’m going to jail. I do not know what to do’. Finally someone showed up and said, ‘Look, we’re probably going to send you back to your country by plane.’«.

And he continued recalling Hugh Jackman, the Wolverine actor: «I told them I had unfinished business and they didn’t know what the problem was. I explained to them that I was going to shoot X-Men, a comic book movie. The guy replied: ‘What? You mean the animated X-Men?’ I said yes and he asked me what character I had cast for. ‘Wolverine,’ I told him. The guy freaked out. He literally looked at me and then started yelling at his teammates, ‘Hey, it’s Wolverine! This guy is Wolverine!” The truth is that I left there with a police escort. That guy made me sign autographs for everyone. They were a crazy X-Men fan. That was the only reason I ended up getting the part«.