Huawei would be preparing a smartwatch with which you can measure your blood pressure | Technology

Huawei would be preparing a smartwatch with which you can measure your blood pressure |  Technology

The latest rumors suggest that Huawei would be preparing a smart watch that would have the ability to measure blood pressure.

Smart watches have become mass accessories and, is that, the arrival of these accessories to the wrists of the general public has allowed many people to be aware of different parameters related to health. These days, they don’t just count steps, they do much more.

Over the years we have seen how different companies have advanced in this regard and, in fact, many of these companies have focused on improving the autonomy and design of smart watches. But the core element is the sensors and their smart capabilities.

Huawei is one of the companies that has opted the most for this type of device and has done so with different ranges of products. The Asian firm has available both smart bracelets and sports watches and other smartwatches with more traditional designs. The interesting thing about all this is that every year a new one is launched on the market.

The latest rumors suggest that the Huawei Watch D would be Huawei’s new smartwatch. The format of this watch would be rectangular and the striking thing is that it would be capable of measuring blood pressure. Until now the measurement of smart watches focused on the pulse, step count and, in some cases, blood oxygen saturation.

The measurement of blood pressure could be a step forward for those users who have low or high blood pressure, so they could have a control on their wrist at all times of the situation of their arteries. The rumor has come through the Chinese social network, Weibo. Unfortunately, no details of departure dates are given.

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We will have to wait for Huawei to reveal what it has planned for this watch and if it will reach our borders. We will be attentive to inform you as soon as possible of the news about the Huawei Watch D.