Home Gaming HP and U-tad Announce Winners of “GDD-OMEN” Video Game Design Contest

HP and U-tad Announce Winners of “GDD-OMEN” Video Game Design Contest

HP and U-tad Announce Winners of “GDD-OMEN” Video Game Design Contest

The University Center for Technology and Digital Art (U-tad) joined forces with HP to hold a contest focused on video game design. The participants had to submit a Game Design Document (GDD), according to the new consumer gambling habits. HP conducted a study called “Understanding Gamers” that reveals how the pandemic has impacted the way gamers and the public are not usually connected. have already been announced contest winners in an event where all this has been discussed, as well as the importance of video games in the gamer lifestyle.

The event was presented by Catalina Roa, Marketing Director of HP Iberia, in charge of give the prize to the winners of 2 categories. The contest was aimed at U-tad students and open to young people from 15 to 26 years old old. The projects presented had to meet a series of requirements such as being compatible with eSports competitionssince the study carried out by HP reveals that 29% of gamers consume eSports, while 73% show a lot more active than before the pandemic when sharing gaming content.

Video games as a means of social entertainment

During the round table some have been removed relevant data of new gambling habits. José Luis Sanz, product director of U-tad, has been the moderator of this relaxed talk with guests such as Eider Díaz, press officer of Movistar Riders; Beatriz del Valle, head of gaming at HP; Mayichi, a streamer with 1.3 million followers on Twitch; and Francisco Javier Soler “Maki”, director of U-tad video game projects.

All the participants of the round table.

How are video games currently perceived? Del Valle is aware that “the video game industry has evolved and has gone from being pure entertainment to being something else where the social factor is of great importance”. It also highlights that “One of the main conclusions of the study is that 37% of gamers play to develop their mental agility, relieve stress or skills for personal and professional development”.

In this regard, Mayichi believes that with the pandemic the need arose to connect with people in a different way and video games are “a way of socialization”, something that he has noticed even in his community of followers. As a result of all this consumption, Maki assured that “there is a very considerable concern in today’s young people to make video games”. “The video game has a societal impact and an incredible ability to move the group of people”he explained from his own experience.

Not only has the way of consuming video games, but also how to develop them. This is due to the great evolution of the hardware that has completely transformed the industry of video games, which currently bills more money than movies or music. develop video games before it was something aspirational and now it is a very professional industry that moves a lot of money. Almost everything has changed, but what has not changed is the passionMaki concludes.

Mayichi during the OMEN and U-tad round table

Mayichi at the GDD-OMEN contest round table.

Finally, Eider Díaz has also pointed out generational change as a determining factor when consuming video games. This has allowed encourage interest by video games at home more easily and healthier habits are developed than before”. And it highlights that “the eSports are a natural evolution of these changes because today much importance is given to sharing that experience”. In summary, Díaz stated that “The pandemic has helped a lot reconnect with hobbies that we had a little abandoned”.

Winners of the GDD-OMEN contest

In the first category Alejandro Valencia has won, a student of the Degree in Digital Design of U-tad, with a project called Dear Chaos based on the metaphysics and chaos theory. It has a story mode “plays with the concepts of time, space and chaos that are part of existence and through it the decisions you can makeas explained by the winner.

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Dear Chaos poses a different universe where all the rules of metaphysics are broken, full of optical illusions, impossible geometries and very visual effects. inside this world, “The player is the personified butterfly effect And his decisions have a major impact on the story”. Competitive mode is 3D platform type with Brawhalla-style fighting mechanics, but implementing this element that breaks the laws of physics. For example, it tells us that “it can be controlled the time and the space to create your own strategies in your favor or against the enemy”.

Alejandro Valencia, winner of the GDD-OMEN contest

Alejandro Valencia, one of the winners of the GDD-OMEN contest.

Alejandro is interested in these concepts and transferred the idea to this project for the contest, something that took some time. “Any time it was good to develop the idea, what do I like more or what do you think works best, he highlighted. He also acknowledges that he has played competitive video games like Counter-Strike or League of Legends, but most of all he enjoys _ “games that have a good story, a good background and good designhis favorite game being The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

The second prize went to Laura Romero, a resident of Bilbao who was unable to attend the event in person. Her project is called Pajama Partya fun third-person shooter where guns shoot pillows instead of projectiles. It is an original idea that adapts a recurring concept in eSports so that it can be played by all audiences and “refreshing both visually and mechanically”as Laura explained in a video.

The scenario would be a huge mansion, where the players are invited to a sleepover. The objective is to fight against the other players in pillow fights to conquer the rooms of the house and mount the best block party. The competitive aspect was one of the main requirements of the contest because video games are a perfect medium for connect with other people and even create a community with the same interests.

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