How was the battle between She-Hulk and Daredevil for Captain America?

How was the battle between She-Hulk and Daredevil for Captain America?

The arrival of Jennifer Walters to the Marvel Cinematic Universe has in the air the possibility that she and Matt Murdock share screen. Both characters, due to their profession, have a common bond. The legal profession, beyond the fact that it has sometimes put them in another type of dispute, is the way in which these superheroes handle themselves within their most public facet.

While the first trailer for the Disney Plus series didn’t show Murdock and there hasn’t been any official reference to his possible involvement, the context found in the comics leaves the possibility open. These are two lawyers who, on more than one occasion, have defended different interests and clients. One of the most symbolic conflicts between the two has to do with Steve Rogers, the Captain Americawho went through the courts.

This led both of them, without using their physical abilities, to have an intellectual clash that, within comics, is one of the most remembered. Until now, taking into account the state in which the Marvel Cinematic Universe, without Captain America in service, it is not expected to be adapted. But it is one of the curious stories of this story.

The confrontation between Matt Murdock and Jennifer Walters with the Captain America in the eye of the hurricane occurred in the comic She Hulk Vol 3. #8-10. The authors, Charles Soule Y Javier Pulido, conceptualized a story in which Steve Rogers is accused of having caused the death of a young man during 1940. Who emerges to face each other in court? Those who call themselves Daredevil and She-Hulk.

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Faced with the complaint, Captain America goes to Jennifer Walters. The event occurred before Steve Rogers received the super soldier serum. There was an argument with a group of Nazis. One of them, the young man who died. By now, the effect of this serum has faded. His old age becomes apparent and he fears that his legacy will be affected by this fact of the past. What role does Matt Murdock play in all of this? Daredevil is the district attorney.

From Matt Murdock’s point of view, Captain America’s actions made good sense at the time. But not result as expected. For his part, Jennifer Walters tries to align with the goal of Steve Rogers, that his legacy is clean. Walters insists that Captain America did not act out of ill will during the events. At this point, Rogers hopes that Murdock understands and puts possible personal disputes with Walters aside.

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At the last moment, Matt Murdock tries to convince the jury with an emotional speech but it does not have the desired effect. The captain will be free. Within the comics, this arc is known as “The Good Old Days” and was published during 2014.