How Vitamin D Improves Cardiovascular Health

How Vitamin D Improves Cardiovascular Health

In the first study of its kind, researchers from the Australian Center for Precision Health at UniSA at SAHMRI have identified genetic evidence of the role of vitamin D deficiency in causing cardiovascular disease.

The study, which is published in the European Heart Journal, suggests that people with vitamin D deficiency are more likely to suffer from heart disease and higher blood pressure than those with normal vitamin D levels.

For participants with the lowest concentrations, the risk of heart disease was more than double that observed for those with sufficient concentrations.

Reduce the global burden of disease

This large-scale Mendelian study used a new genetic approach that allowed the team to assess how increased levels may affect CVD risk based on how high the participants’ actual vitamin D levels were. The study used information from up to 267,980 people, which allowed the team to provide robust statistical evidence for the link between vitamin D deficiency and cardiovascular disease.

The principal investigator, the professor Elina hyppönen from UniSA, says that appreciating the role of vitamin D deficiency in heart health could help reduce the global burden of cardiovascular disease.