These are the options available for see online the 7 deadly sins. All free and paid methods to watch the seasons of the series.

For some time now, anime and manga have been gaining strength beyond the borders of the country of the rising sun, with more and more comics and series that leave from there to be known around the world, and The Seven Deadly Sins today is one of the Most popular manga / anime series, not only in Japan, but all over the world.

The Seven Deadly Sins I would come with everything to Netflix after the American company known for its streaming service acquired his distribution rights exclusively, so that it would become one of the most viewed in its catalog.

So if you consider yourself a follower of the genus shōnen and you want to enjoy a good story, The Seven Deadly Sins is for you. For this reason, today we will show you the best options free and paid So you can see and enjoy the 7 deadly sins.

What’s the Seven Deadly Sins about

“In a medieval times in the Kingdom of Liones, Elizabeth Liones, who is looking for free your people from the oppression of the Holy Knights, runs away from home with the sole purpose of finding the 7 Deadly Sins, who once served the kingdom and were regarded as legendary knights, but that they would disappear from the history of the world.

Brief history of The Seven Deadly Sins

However, Elizabeth’s search leads nowhere, aimlessly wandering the world until she ends up at Boar’s Hat, a tavern where she meets Meliodas, a “Young man” who has a hidden power, and to Hawk, a pig who has speaking skills.

Meliodas, who although he does not know Elizabethdecides to help her in her search for the 7 Deadly Sins, revealing to him that he is actually the Sin of Wrath, the leader of said order of knights, promising to protect him from anyone, while they travel in search of his former companions.

If you like the story of The Seven Deadly Sins, you probably want to see it. Therefore, today we will show you where and how to watch the 7 deadly sins online with methods free and paid.

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How to watch the Seven Deadly Sins for free: all options

Maybe one of the Bad points of this anime is the possibility of watching it for free, this is because its distribution has been bought by NetflixTherefore, the only way to see it is through this medium. However, it is possible get the Netflix service totally free or just have the trial version.

How to watch the Seven Deadly Sins for free
So you can watch the Seven Deadly Sins for free: definitive trick

Namely, sign up for Netflix and get 1 month of its entire catalog completely free depending on the country of residence, enough time to see The Seven Deadly Sins or other anime or movie that you find in this service. And although we know that there are other alternatives to watch The Seven Deadly Sins online for freeWe do not recommend these options as most are not legal.

Google Play | Netflix

App Store | Netflix

Payment options to watch The Seven Deadly Sins

Now that you know the trick to see the 7 deadly sins free and online, it is time to inform how see all seasons of the series with payment and legal options.


Although previously it was possible to find the series of The Seven Deadly Sins on virtually any anime-related platform, such as Crunchyroll and even in TV channels, now you can only get it in Netflix.

Payment options to watch the Seven Deadly Sins-netflix
This is the way to see the 7 deadly sins online with payment methods

This happens because now Netflix owns the distribution rights to the series, in addition to an exclusivity contract, which allows the viewing of the series only through the US platform.

Google Play | Netflix

App Store | Netflix

CD Blu-Ray / DVD

Despite the exclusivity that exists to see The Seven Deadly Sins, there is still a way where you can enjoy this great anime. That’s right, get the CD Blu-Ray / DVD from the series in Amazon under a wide variety of prices.

Payment options to watch The Seven Deadly Sins
These are the prices of The Seven Deadly Sins Blue-Ray on Amazon

You may still be wondering whether to watch this series, but we think you should, as probably after watch the first episode of The Seven Deadly Sins, you will be hooked. And not only that, but you will also wish that Meliodas can defeat the Holy Knights, The Ten Commandments and anyone who comes between him and Elizabeth Lioneswho is your “destination”.

Amazon | The Seven Deadly Sins Blu-Ray

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