The nuts They are a very broad group of foods, concentrated in quality energy for the body, and useful when losing weight. For this, we suggest you use them in replacement of flours. We tell you how and we leave nine recipes to subtract carbohydrates from the diet.

How to use nuts to replace flours

Nuts are foods rich in fiber and vegetable proteins that easily satiate to the body, offering a very reduced amount of carbohydrates, and unsaturated fats that can also contribute to weight loss.

Included in replacement of cereals and derivatives, such as flours, constitute an excellent alternative to subtract carbohydrates adding other good nutrients when losing weight.

For this, we recommend use ground nuts thus creating almond, walnut, hazelnut or other flours; They can substitute for refined wheat flour and other starchy, high-glycemic alternatives.

The best recipes with few carbohydrates thanks to nuts

Using nuts in replacement of flours, we can create options with reduced carbohydrates and with vegetable proteins, fiber and quality fats for the body.

Thus, some dried fruit recipes that we recommend and that can be included in your diet to lose weight are:


These are nine recipes that help reduce carbohydrates in the usual diet, used nuts in replacement of flours.

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