How to use mozzarella on pizza to enjoy the cheese to the fullest

How to use mozzarella on pizza to enjoy the cheese to the fullest

There are many types of pizzas that are devoured daily, but Italy remains the undisputed Mecca of this blessed creation, where different styles even coexist beyond the mythical Neapolitan. It may be the use of mozzarella the most common element on pizzas around the world; It is the ideal cheese for these masses, but it does not always get the most out of it.

Mozzarella belongs to that magical group of pasta filata dairy, a fresh enzymatic coagulation cheese whose curd is stretched and kneaded in hot water, giving it an elastic, plastic texture. Then it receives the spinning process, obtaining that typical structure in “threads” or filaments, which seem to stretch endlessly when cut.

We already know that mozzarella, the genuine and highest quality, is made with buffalo milk, and is recognized with the EU Denomination of Origin seal, under the tutelage of the Mozzarella di Bufala Campana Consortium. This institution works to protect, monitor, promote and disseminate the values ​​that certify a mozzarella cheese as authentic according to the established parameters, exceeding all the quality standards expected from the you will see mozzarella.

Taking advantage of the fact that on the 17th, San Antonio Abad, Neapolitan pizza day was celebrated in Italy -it is celebrated worldwide at the beginning of February, any excuse is a good one-, the Consortium wanted to share a series of recommendations for use correctly its prized cheese in the popular national dish.

In the process of making a pizza, adding cheese may be the simplest thing, but it is a particular and delicate product. If we invest in a quality mozzarella, it would be a shame to spoil it or not get the most out of it in our dough, and vice versa; a homemade pizza requires some work that no one would want to waste on bad cheese.

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This is how mozzarella cheese should be added to pizza

Mozzarella is added to all kinds of pizzas of all styles and with countless ingredients -yes, including pineapple-, but when it works all its magic it is in Neapolitan pizza. It is not for nothing that it is included among the ingredients considered traditional and authentic in the official regulations for this dish.

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It is fundamental, logically, to start from a Mozzarella di buffalo Bell certified with the DOP seal of the official Consortium. Only then will we have the guarantees that it will behave as it should in the oven and when tasting it. In addition, experts recommend the following tips:

  • avoid the excess moisture of the mozzarella, not only draining it well, but removing it from its conservation liquid, at least two hours before.

  • You can even take out the day before and leave it overnight out of its container, on a clean cloth that does not release thread or have odors or kitchen paper, in an airtight container or covered with film.

  • Although many people pinch it into pieces, separating the cheese with their fingers, it is more recommended cut itstarting with a clean cut down the middle, so as not to break its internal structure.

Mozzarella Milk
  • Ideally the mozzarella should be cut into slices or medallions of the same thickness, about 5mm maximumtrying in any case to avoid julienne cutting or sticks.

  • The cheese should never be squeezed, it should be handled very smoothness. That is why it is important to cut it with a very sharp knife.

  • Real mozzarella will continue to release liquid, like milk, when you cut it. To eliminate this moisture, you should not squeeze -the mozzarella is not squeezed-, but leave draining over a strainer thin or a perforated tray. Otherwise, on absorbent paper.

  • The mozzarella must be distributed on the pizza dough at the last moment, just before putting it in the oven, evenly distributing the slices, separating them slightly.

mozzarella pizza
  • It is essential that the oven is preheated to the maximum. The best results are obtained with a stone oven, but failing that, it should be baked at maximum possible temperatureeven better if you use a baking stone or a special home oven.

  • cooking must be very short and never let the mozzarella brown or burn.

  • The Neapolitan pizza with buffalo mozzarella does not stand well when resting or when being transported; must serve immediately and devour it instantly.

Photos | Consorzio Tutela Mozzarella di Bufala Campana – Unsplash
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