Like every year, Apple took advantage of the WWDC in early June to present the new versions of its operating systems. And among them was, of course, iOS 15, which promised a lots of news and improvements. After testing the beta, we found that, although it may seem like a minor revision with few changes at the interface and functions level, iOS 15 does bring a multitude of new details.

Three months later, in its autumn keynote, Apple has finally confirmed when can we download the stable version iOS 15. And although it was officially confirmed in June, it has re-listed the iPhone models in which the new version of the operating system will be available.

When can we download iOS 15

As is customary in Cupertino, Apple announces the new version of iOS in June, opens the beta period in July and releases the stable version in September. This year is no exception and the company has confirmed that the update to iOS 15 will be available worldwide in a few days, specifically, next Monday, September 20.

The new version of the operating system will probably be released in the common publishing windows for Spain and some Latin American countries:

  • iOS 15 in Spain (Peninsula): between 5:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.

  • iOS 15 in the Canary Islands: between 4:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m.

  • iOS 15 in Argentina and Chile: between 12:00 and 14:00.

  • iOS 15 in Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico and Peru: between 10:00 and 12:00.

What iPhone models are compatible with iOS 15

Ios 15 03

Leaving aside the new generation of Apple’s phone, the iPhone 13, which will come with iOS 15 as standard, all models from 2015 onwards as well they will be able to update their version of the operating system. Specifically, below you have all the iPhone models that are compatible with iOS 15:

That is, for the third consecutive year (it already happened with iOS 13 and with iOS 14), all models after iPhone 6S They will receive the update to iOS 15. And that without forgetting the 7th Generation iPod Touch, which is also compatible with it.

How to update iPhone to iOS 15

Ios 15 02

The usual thing is that the phone itself shows you a notification telling you that there is a new version available system, and from the notification itself, you can accept both the download and the installation. In case you do not receive it, we can force the system itself to look if iOS 15 is ready to download: to do this, we must go to Settings> General> Software update.

How to make and restore an iPhone backup

Before starting to download and install the update, you must make sure that you have a stable WiFi connection and sufficient battery (you can connect iPhone to charger). In addition, it is recommended to make a backup, either through iCloud (Settings> Apple ID> iCloud> Copy to iCloud> Back up) or through iTunes (using a Mac or PC).

In any case, keep in mind that iOS 15 is released globally and servers tend to slow down for the first few hoursSo, as we always say, be patient because the update process can take much longer than you would like.

Main novelties of iOS 15

As we said at the beginning, iOS 15 brings with it a set of small novelties that manages to create a big change at the system level. Next, we tell you the most important ones:

  • Facetime– Now allows you to create and share call links (even with Android), blur the background and put grid view in group calls. It also isolates the background sound so that the voice is heard better.

  • SharePlay: is a new function to share content from our phone (Apple Music music or Apple TV programs) during a Facetime call and thus enjoy them in a group (or as a couple).

  • Concentration mode: allows you to choose between several usage profiles and configure the notifications that we want to receive in that profile. Thanks to geolocation, the iPhone can recommend us, for example, to deactivate notifications when it knows that we have arrived at the gym.

Focus mode

Focus mode

  • Camera & Photos– Now they automatically recognize text and can translate it instantly.

  • Improved search with Spotlight: you are now able to search for photos from our gallery with keywords (locations, contact names, etc.).

  • Wallet: opens the door to integration with identity documents and circulation permits (depends on the country). It also offers more specific means of payment (amusement parks, business cards …) and includes space to store from the digital keys of the car to those of the hotel or home.

  • Maps: receive the new 3D maps in Spain, with information on climate, temperature, elevation, areas of the sites we visit and more. It also adds step-by-step guidance through augmented reality.

  • Health Now he can measure our stability when walking and recommends exercises to improve. It also releases the trends, averages that allow us to observe how it evolves from weight to blood glucose.

  • Weather– Completely redesigned with animations and offers new metrics.


New Weather app

  • Safari– Swipe between open tabs with a single gesture. Also arrive the groups of eyelashes and a lower floating brra.

  • App activity log: from Privacy we can now access a summary of the activity of the apps in the last seven days to know how many times they have accessed the camera, the network, location and others.

  • Notes: it is slightly redesigned and allows you to create categories within the app.

  • Siri: it is capable of announcing notifications on AirPods, activating / deactivating airplane mode and other functions.

  • Find My: it is now possible to find the iPhone even when it is turned off using the same technology as the AirTags.

  • Notifications: change the style, so that the cards are more defined, the app icons are larger and can now be grouped by priority thanks to the new Notification Summary.