Today in this technological age it is very important to keep our phones as up-to-date as possible, as this helps us to system performance and the applications is much better and that we can use them in the best way. One of these cases is the Instagram application.

But sometimes our phone doesn’t download these updates automatically so this becomes a problem. Now we are going to show you how you can update your applications specifically Instagram and the reasons why these updates are not added.

Why didn’t my Instagram app update automatically?

There is always a certain problem when we want update any of the applications that we have installed on our phone, whether it has an iOS or Android system. So it is necessary to know what these problems are to solve it as soon as possible.

Another very common problem is that the Instagram update that you want to install on your phone is not compatible with the system, since it is probably very outdated and in this way you can use the most recent version of the application.

What is the procedure to update the Instagram application on my mobile?

We have already shown you the most probable reason for the problem with your phone and why it has not carried out the pertinent automatic updates, so for you to do it manually you will have to do it like this.

Android devices

In case you have problems updating Instagram from Android you will have to go to the Play Store on the profile photo of your email that was next to the writing bar of the application. Now, in this new window there will be two options at the top, you will use the one that says ‘Manage’.

Here you will have several options among which is ‘Update’, there you will have to find the Instagram app between the list of your applications and on the right side of the name will be the option to update, when you press it, the update will begin to download and install by itself.

On iPhone

The process of updating the application Instagram on your iPhone It is very simple, you just have to open the App Store and enter your profile. On the right side of the screen you will look for updates section and applications that require this will appear. Then, you can click on ‘Update all’ if you want each of the applications to be in its most modern version. Or if not, you can only go to the Instagram one and click on the update icon so that it is updated with its version.

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With Windows Phone

windows 10 logo

If you are going to proceed to update the Instagram application from a phone with Windows Phone system, you have to do this procedure. Go to the Windows Store and in the search engine you will write the word Instagram. When the application logo appears, press it and you will have to click on the ‘Update’ option. Then the process will finish by itself and when the download is finished it is recommended that you restart your device so that the updates are added to the system.

What can I do if my cell phone does not allow me to update?

In case you are trying to update your Instagram app and this is not done you have to proceed to do these two things so that you can achieve the update.

Uninstall and reinstall the app

If the update you want to make to your Instagram is not allowed, it may be that the app has a problem, so you will have to uninstall it from your phone. You will do this from the application menu of your phone, you will press and hold the Instagram application until it can move anywhere and you will slide it to the top from the screen. There will appear an option that says uninstall and you will move it there.

trash can logo

Then an ad will appear asking if you want to uninstall this application, which you will accept. Then you just have to wait for this process to finish. Now go to the Play Store or the App Store if you have an iPhone phone and in the search engine you will write the word Instagram and you will start downloading it again. So the version that is installed on your phone will be the most current that is available in the store.

Check the available space

The main reason for this problem is that our phone does not have enough storage space in order to install this application or at least its update. So it will be necessary for you to take a moment to delete some things in your storage such as videos, photos or songs and then retry updating the application.