Devices like phones or tablets use Android software. Sometimes this is updated automatically, this is important because new Android systems are constantly being released; however, sometimes you must be updated so Manual Did you know? Yes! You can update it yourself, here we will teach you how to update the Android software of a phone or tablet to the latest version.

Update a phone’s Android system

Having the Android Software updated to the latest version is very important, as it could be that the manufacturer has released an update that protects a weakness in said system.

For that reason, it is necessary to check for updates periodically. Updating the system to the latest version will depend on the manufacturer and model of the phone; some may take a while to receive the same version.

In the case of Google Pixel phones, they are the first, while the others may take a few months to install the same update. With all this in mind, these are the steps you should follow to update your Android software to the latest version:

  1. On the phone, go to “Settings”, that menu is at the top of the screen, slide down.
  2. Then you tap on the nut icon = ‘Settings’, there you look for “Phone information”.
  3. In this option, the name may vary, on some phones they say «About the Device».
  4. Once inside, you must look for “System Updates”, touch it and you will be able to access the updates menu and click on “Check Updates”.
  5. In this menu the phone will show if the Android Software is updating, it also indicates the time and date of its last update that it carried out automatically.
  6. Then, you must check manually, by pressing «Check Updates», at that moment the phone will start downloading the latest version; of course, that happens as long as they have released a new version of Android.
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Update Samsung phone

How to update Android software of a phone or tablet to the latest version?

These phones their Android interface is changed, in that case, you should look in “Settings” for the option that says “Software Updates” or something similar.

As we have mentioned before, these updates to the Android Software of a tablet are done automatically, however, sometimes they must be done manually. The procedure is quite similar to that of the telephone, perform the following steps:

  1. Go to «Settings», click on «Device information».
  2. Then you must enter “System Update”.
  3. At that time the tablet will start searching for the latest version of the Android Software. Of course, as long as there is a version available. The tablet will automatically download and install by restarting the Tablet.

Update the Android software of a Samsung tablet

Updating the Android software of a Samsung is very easy, as these tablets use computer software under the name of Samsung Kies; This checks the Google servers for new Android updates that can be installed in the table.

As you can see, updating the Android software to the latest version on your phone or tablet is very important, as it could be that the manufacturer has released an update that protects some software weakness, in addition to being up-to-date with the constant updates of Android Software. that they launch on the market.

Phones or tablets perform these updates automatically, however, as we have mentioned before, sometimes it is required to do it manually, remember to follow the steps described in this article. It’s very simple, just remember to repeat this procedure periodically so your device will always be up to date.

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