If you’ve been listening to music on your iPhone for a few weeks, chances are you’ve gotten the notification about loud volume. This notification shipped automatically by default, unless we delve well into the settings and manage to end it.

We are going to tell you how you can turn off the loud volume warning on your iPhone, always at your risk and recommending this piece beforehand about the risks of listening to music at very high volumes, since this directly impacts our health.

Disable excessive volume warnings on your iPhone

One of the main problems with volume prompts on the iPhone is that they don’t quite distinguish the devices that the iPhone is connected to. For example, server hardly plays music through headphones, but I do connect the iPhone to a Bluetooth receiver in the car. I put the volume to the maximum in the iPhone (not in the vehicle) to have more range of volume from the control of the car itself, but this does not mean that you are playing music to the maximum.

To end these volume warnings we will have to go to the following route on our iPhone:

  • Open the settings
  • Go to ‘Accessibility’
  • Click on ‘Audio / visual’
  • Turn off the ‘headphone notification’ option

In this way, notifications about long-term exposure to loud sounds will no longer appear. Also remember that the iPhone is capable of measuring sound in real time, so you can use this function to control your exposure to ambient noise and that of your headphones.

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Image | Unsplash