To immerse yourself even more in the digital world, platforms like Google Forms allow you to grading an exam automaticallyTherefore, most institutions have opted for these methods to carry out evaluations from a distance or to save human labor.

Even being a free platform you can use many tools without restrictions only with your Gmail account. Using it is too easy, since the same bot will guide you point by point to create the survey and provide the correct answers; and at the end of the established period you will be able to analyze the data and throw the data in a spreadsheet to analyze the performance of your students.

How to take an exam that is graded only in Drive using Google Forms?

Google Drive was initially a simple file host; but now, it has become much more allowing to generate Google evaluation forms, with which can share with other Gmail users and automatically analyze each of the responses and compare them with those provided by the creator user to obtain a rating.

So stop generate evaluation test with the custom questions for you you must start by entering your Personal drive, log in with your Google account and once inside go to the upper left and look for the “New” button; In your drop-down list the option “Google Forms” should appear or select the option “More” and in the new drop-down list it should appear.

Now let’s begin to create the form, assigning a title and then we go to the gear that appears at the top that will take you to the “form settings” where we will activate the box “Collect email addresses” to force users to answer the questions with their email address user to keep track and legitimacy.

In the same way, activate the box “Receipts of responses” so that the student user can receive in his email the notification with the answers selected in the test. Also, enable “Limit to one reply” so that the user can only reply once and not generate spam.

Finally, select “See summary graphics and text answers” to graphically generate which answers were answered correctly and which ones were not; just leave the “Edit after sending” box unchecked so that the student cannot change his answers. Now, within the same dialog box, go to the “presentation” tab.

Once there, check the box “Show the progress bar” so that the user can graphically admire the progress he has made in the requested questions; Finally, go to the tab «Questionnaires» where you will activate the switch «Convert to questionnaire» and in «Show rating» «Immediately after each delivery» will be left active to see the final result, and in “The person who responds can see” select the one that you think corresponds so that the person can see the correct and incorrect answers or their score and save everything.

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Therefore, describe the title of the questionnaire and add a short introduction to serve as a guide; and begin to “write the questions without a title” where you will enter the name, the type of answer and if it is mandatory or not. In the response types you can choose between short answer, multiple choice, checkboxes, drop-down list, multiple choice grid, checkbox grid and date and time. In addition, you can add a comment to the question or attach video links or images of interest.

How is the color of the questionnaire customized?

google form

To customize the color of the questionnaire you just have to look for the button «Customize theme» and choose from the options that appear on the right side, where you can modify fonts, background tones, themes and headings; and visualize them through the «preview».

What is the way to assign the correct answer and its score?

Now, it’s time to define the correct answers so that an evaluation can occur; To do this, select the question and search for “Answer key”, select and enter the correct answers and rate the points that will be generated if it is correct. Finally, in the “Answers” section, select how you want to receive the answers to the exams.

How to make the questionnaire have an automatic evaluation?

When configuring within the answers the score to be received by guess the answer to the question you will be automatically configuring that an evaluation is created at the end, which will be sent to the student user email immediately.

What options can be configured from a self-assessment test?

Being the administrator or teacher user you can choose and configure the test format so you can restrict what is shown to students or the general public; in case you don’t want to share certain information like your final grades.

The time the rating is published

You can change the way you post the resulting grades of the evaluative test; To do this you must go to the top of the form, and in the gear icon or “Settings” look for “Convert to questionnaire” and “Show grades”, where you can select an option between “Immediately after each delivery” or ” Then after a manual review. ‘

google form

The data that the respondent can see

You can configure the data that the respondent can see, so that you can visualize or not the questions with incorrect answers, the correct answers and your final score; To do this, go to the previous menu and look for «Settings of people who respond».

How to see the answers and scores of all the participants?

Open the google form quiz and go to the top in the “Answers” tab, once there select “Summary” to generate the answers and scores of those who participated in the questionnaire, you can also choose the destination of the answers to send them to an email or download them.

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