How to sync my Outlook calendar with iPhone automatically

How to sync my Outlook calendar with iPhone automatically

In case you want to synchronize your calendar using your Outlook email, we recommend that you carefully read this guide in which we will talk about how to automatically synchronize my Outlook calendar with your iPhone.

In the past, technologies were more sectorized since each company offered its particular services, which in many cases made it impossible to use a Microsoft account on an Apple device. Fortunately, this has changed over the years and, today, it is possible to use various applications belonging to Microsoft on the devices of the apple company.

Undoubtedly, one of the most important applications that can be used on Apple devices is Microsoft Outlook, an excellent email service that is positioned as one of the most important today. Through the following tutorial, we will teach you how to synchronize your calendar with your iPhone very easily.

Fortunately, the process of synchronizing your mail with your iPhone/iPad device is quite simple and you can even synchronize two different calendars with Outlook. Therefore, you must follow a series of basic steps that we will show you below.

Download the Microsoft Outlook application

Over time, the Microsoft and Apple companies have established agreements and deals that favor both companies. Given this, many Microsoft applications and services are available for devices from the apple company.

The aforementioned is fulfilled with the Outlook program, an email application that has a version designed for iPhone, iPad, etc. devices. This application works very appropriately, providing options in its web version or the offline function in Outlook. Also, various alternatives designed for Apple devices are offered.

How to sync my Outlook calendar with iPhone automatically

You can purchase the Outlook application directly from the official Apple application store, accessing it very easily through this link Microsoft Outlook App Store. Here you will find the appropriate version for your device, so proceed to download the software to start using it without problems.

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Launch the app and configure it to sync your calendar

Once you have successfully downloaded the Outlook email application, it will be necessary to perform a little configuration to add your Microsoft Outlook account to the device. This process is simple, just read the information provided below

Go to the settings options of your iPhone / iPod device, which you can access by pressing on the configuration button; that you will recognize by having the shape of a gear. Once you are in the configuration options, you should go to the option “Passwords and accounts” .

After the above, click on “Add account”, in this section all the settings related to the accounts you manage are shown, here you must locate the “Outlook” icon; When you see it, just click on this option and provide the information to log into your Microsoft Outlook email account .

How to sync my Outlook calendar with iPhone automatically

By default, the application is designed to properly synchronize calendars, emails and other content present in your account. For this reason, it is most possible that you will see a screen indicating all those points that you want to synchronize; Among which we find the calendar, it only indicates “Yes”, after which the synchronization process will begin.

What is account synchronization?

In more modern devices, there is the so-called account synchronization;  This option is increasingly popular and was born from the need of users to use multiple accounts and applications on their mobile devices.

As its name indicates, the synchronization of accounts, calendars, applications and others is a service provided by various companies that will allow you to align all your devices;  in other words, synchronize them, which means that each of them will receive the changes made to your account.

In the case of Outlook, it is possible to synchronize your calendar, therefore, if you make a change on your computer, it will be reflected in the application of your mobile device. Without a doubt, it is a very useful option, which you should take into account if you constantly use services such as the calendar.