How to subscribe to channels on Twitch

How to subscribe to channels on Twitch

We must take into account the differences between followers and subscribers. On other platforms it is the same but not here, where the followers they can be Twitch users that they see your content but that they do not pay you anything. On the other hand, subscriptions do have a cost per month that will vary according to their level and will give us a series of advantages when accessing that channel.

Your channel’s followers or viewers add their favorite streamers and they can receive an alert when you connect or they can see your broadcasts, without more. But subscribers pay your channel for a fixed price. In return, they get additional benefits that the streamer himself decides and that can be subscriber emblems, not seeing ads, having specific emoticons.

Subscription types

Before explaining how to subscribe you should know that there are several levels of subscriptions that we can have on Twitch. In addition, there are also gift subscriptions or you can subscribe for free to a channel with Prime Gaming, for example. All of them are paid Except if you have Amazon Prime, which will give you a monthly subscription in exchange for paying the premium services of the online store.

  • Conventional subscriptions

You have a Twitch profile like viewer and decide to subscribe to channels of your favorite creators. As you will see in the second section, there are three different levels in exchange for some advantages. They have a monthly price that we can pay month by month or in packages of three or six months getting a discount. They are the “normal”.

You can give away or receive gift subscriptions. What we do is buy a subscription for another Twitch user who is a fan of a specific channel. Similar to a gift card but that will allow that person to be subscribed without paying.

Prime Gaming It is one of the services offered by Amazon Prime and allows us to have a free monthly subscription. That is, we can subscribe each month to a channel for free without having to pay anything. Every month we can change the channel to which we are subscribed if we want to support one or the other.

Levels in subscriptions

Subscriptions vary in price depending on the level we choose. What we get is to make a payment to the streamer (with a commission that Twitch takes) and we receive a series of advantages such as personalized emojis or vision without ads. They have no permanence so you can pay one month and cancel the next.

It has a price of 4.99 euros per month and it is renewed monthly although the first payment has a 20% discount so your first payment would be 3.99 euros for the most basic Twitch subscription. You can pay every six months, every three or monthly and you will get a 15 and 10% discount respectively if you decide to renew every six or every three.

The advantages vary according to the streamer in question but we can put as example the Ibai canal. We would have ad-free viewing on this channel, with some exceptions. You would also have the option to access the chat in “Subscribers only” mode, watch exclusive broadcasts, unlock an emblem and unlock emoticons.

Level 2 has a price of 9.99 euros per month and allows you to have all the benefits of level 1, a level two emblem ornament and an emoticon modifier. Like the previous one, you also have a discount 15% or 10% if you pay six or three months.

It has a price of 24.99 euros per month and all the benefits of level 1 and level 2, of course. In addition to the above perks, it offers two additional emote modifiers and an improved Tier 3 emblem ornament. It also has a discount if you choose to pay every six or every three months.

How to subscribe

The ways to subscribe to Twitch will vary according to the type of subscription that interests us from all those that we have mentioned in the previous paragraphs. We explain it to you.

Subscribe on Twitch

Subscribing to a channel on Twitch is very simple and it will only take a few seconds to do so. The first thing to keep in mind is that you have to have created a profile on the streaming service and choose which channel you are going to subscribe to. Once you are clear about which channels you want to subscribe to, you open its website and at the top of the screen we will find several buttons: Follow / Subscribe. Tap on the latter and a window will open with all the details.

You can subscribe to level 1 (Recommended if it is the first time and you want to “check” if you are going to use it and if you like it) or bet on higher levels. You just have to go to the button in the upper right corner with a star icon, the word “Subscribe” and the price you will pay to do so. As we have already said, you will have to pay. All subscriptions of any level must be paid.


Once you have tapped on the button, a page will open to complete the purchase. You will see all the details at the top: type of subscription, which channel will auto-renew how often. You will see the total price and in case of having a discount (of one euro in our example)

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Complete purchase

At the bottom of the screen we can choose the type of payment method we want to use and complete the purchase. You can pay with PayPal, with credit card, with Amazon Pay, with Sofort, with PaysafeCard or with transfer. Fill in all the details to complete the process and become a subscriber.

Buy gift subscriptions

Another type of subscriptions that we can get are gift subscriptions. This is one of the ways to be able to subscribe for free to a channel, without having to pay us but someone who has wanted to give it to us to pay. If, for example, your teenage nephew is a Twitch fan and you don’t know what to get for his birthday, you can gift them subscriptions to his favorite streamers.

The process is similar to classic subscriptions of the previous section except that we will choose another button at the time of subscribing. As in any of the cases, go to the channel that you want and that interests you. Tap on the subscriptions button on your profile and all the possible options will open to bet on that streamer.

to subscribe

Within the subscription options, scroll down to “Ways to subscribe”. You will see that you find the possibility of paying or an icon in the shape of a gift on the button “Give away”. This is where you should click. You will find it at all possible levels and whether you choose one or the other will depend on what you want to get or give to that person. By clicking on the gift button they will appear several options that we must configure to complete the process …

give away subscription

The first thing to choose is the subscription level. Let it be 1, 2, or 3. We can also choose if we want it to be an anonymous gift or not. And at the top right of the screen you can also choose a specific viewer to send it to.


Once chosen who and which, we can choose how many. You do not have to buy a single one, but there are packages that allow us to give away several subscriptions … Five, ten, twenty, fifty or one hundred. The maximum is one hundred and you can choose the personalized amount you want based on what you are going to spend.

Buy presents

When you have chosen the number of these, you will go to the payment screen where you will have to fill in all the data. It is a one-time charge that is paid at the time of purchase and is not renewed monthly as when we do it without a gift.

pay Twitch

From amazon

If you have Amazon Prime you have the right to Prime Gaming access, That supposes a series of advantages when using Twitch. It allows get exclusive emoticons, color options in the chat, emblems for Prime users, access to game content… And what interests us: free subscription to a channel with Prime Gaming every month. You can have the normal subscription (type 1) every month without paying anything and change it every month to support your favorite creators.

The steps are very simple if we want to subscribe from Prime Gaming, although you must have an Amazon account, of course. And you must meet the requirement of not having redeemed your monthly subscription in the last 30 days. Once you meet both, we follow the same process as in the previous cases and open Twitch.

Within the section “to subscribe” you’ll find:

Free subscription with Prime: Get games and loot every month, a monthly subscription to a Twitch channel and much more with Prime.

Tap on “Start your free trial”, As you can see in the previous image.

Subscribe Prime

This will take us to the website of where you will see a large button that indicates “Try Prime”. If you are already a member, go to the upper right corner and log in with your Amazon email and password to enjoy the benefits. You don’t have to pay extra if you already have a Prime account.

Prime gaming

When you are logged in, you can tap on the menu on the left and choose “Link accounts”To link Amazon’s and Twitch’s. Confirm and you will have automatically activated the link between the two. Go back to Twitch and follow the steps above to get a subscription on the channel that interests you.

link Twitch

Now you won’t see “Start your free trial” instead you will see “Subscribe for free”. Click to complete the process and you will appear as a subscriber in the corresponding channel.

Subscribe for free

Delete subscriptions

Once we are subscribed to a channel we can go to our profile and delete them. Whether they are paid, gift or Amazon. We can view or remove details if we do not want them to be automatically renewed after a month.

Go to Twitch and open your profile by tapping on the top right corner. A drop-down menu will open and choose “Subscriptions”. Here you will see what you have. You’ll see:

  • Your subscriptions
  • Gift subscriptions
  • Subscriptions on mobile devices
  • Other subscriptions
  • Expired subscriptions

If you have a subscription you can cancel it so that they are not renewed. In the case of being Amazon subscriptions, they will be canceled after one month from the moment you have made them. After this time you can subscribe to the same channel or to another.

View subscriptions