If WhatsApp groups bother you and you want to ‘disappear’ from them so that notifications and messages from these conversations no longer reach you, we have a solution that you can do without the need for another app.

Leaving a WhatsApp group without them noticing is difficult and impossible since when you leave it a message appears to all the members that you left and that is how they find out about this.

Get rid of annoying WhatsApp groups.
Get rid of annoying WhatsApp groups.

So the easiest solution is to silence it and disappear all notifications, as well as archive it so that it does not appear in your chat list. This will appear as if you left it, but you will still be inside it, and the message that you stepped out of it will not appear.

WhatsApp groups become very annoying when they send massive messages as well as chains, images and videos frequently, so they cause the memory of the cell phone to fill up and the device slows down.


To leave a WhatsApp group without the other contacts and your friends finding out that you left it, you must follow the following steps, which will allow you to get rid of it without leaving it:

  • Enter WhatsApp
  • Opens the menu, which is in the shape of three vertical dots
  • Select Group Info
  • Select Mute notifications
  • In Group Info look for Personalized Notifications and deactivate
  • In Notifications and Alerts or Use High Priority notifications disable these options

With these steps you will not have any type of notifications, so you will not be bothered by the alerts from the WhatsApp group. In addition to this, you also have to archive the group so that it no longer appears in your chat history.

  • To archive a WhatsApp group follow these steps:
  • In the chats tab, select the one you want to archive
  • In the top menu, select the Archive Chat icon
  • Once archived, it will no longer appear in your chat tab
  • To unarchive it you must go to the end of the conversations and press Archived Chats, select the one you want to unarchive and select the Unarchive chat icon
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With these steps you will stop receiving notifications and the WhatsApp groups from which you want to leave will no longer appear, but out of pain and to avoid disgust you do not want to leave them.

WhatsApp is also implementing new functions with which you can deactivate the groups, with which you can simply “turn them off” without the need to perform all the other steps.