One of the most outstanding characteristics of the messages on Instagram This is the option that allows you to send self-destructing files, in order to obtain better security of the elements you send in conversations, this function is called Instagram Direct, then we will teach you how to use the Photo Bomb function.

What are the different settings for Instagram Direct photos?

If your intention is to look for a messaging option to hide actions or situations, Instagram Direct is one of the best platforms for this, in it you can send voice messages, photos, videos or other files with the option of not seeing them again if you leave the conversation.

Instagram Direct is the function that makes you unable to see the conversation again, that is, when you exit this tool, automatically the information that lives here will be destroyed. With this option you will not be able to see the temporary photos, videos or other files again. In this function, there are different configurations such as the following:

See only once

It consists of the option that the person see it only once, this in order to protect your files, Instagram does not prohibit the fact of capturing the screen, but even so, it will notify the action in the chat.

Allow to see again

With this option you will make the person who is receiving the file, see that element again, that is, when you close it the first time you will be able to open it once more.

Keep in chat

If you need the person to see constantly the file that you are sending, you can press this option, since it will allow the photo stay to last as long as the conversation exists.

How can you send a self-destructing photo on Instagram?

The procedure for using the function self-destruct messages It is very simple and easy to use, except for forwarded text and voice messages. Follow the steps below depending on your device:

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With iOS

  1. You must have the latest version of Instagram for iOSIf you do not have it updated, the application will not work well.
  2. When entering the app, go to the Feed option.
  3. In this function you have the option to enter Instagram Direct.
  4. Being here, go to the chat you want to enter the photo you want to self-destruct.
  5. Enter the camera and do the take from the photo you want to add.
  6. Then at the bottom, select the option ‘View once’.
  7. When you have the shot ready, press Send.

  send by instagram photos bomb

From Android

  1. By having the downloaded app, you will have to make sure that you have the most advanced version of Instagram, to verify it you can do the following:
    1. Enter the Google Play Store.
    2. Go to the profile icon.
    3. Then go into applications.
    4. Go to updates and see if you have any instagram update pending and click update.
  2. Now you must go inside the application.
  3. Being on the main screen of the app head over to the Feed function.
  4. Now click on the paper plane icon that is in the feed option, they are located in the part of the screen.
  5. By entering this paper plane icon you have entered the Instagram Direct function.
  6. Now you must click on the chat tray and choose to which address the photo that will self-destruct will be sent.
  7. In this chat you must press on the camera.
  8. Take the picture you want to send, you can edit it by placing some text, filter or emoji.
  9. As your photograph is ready from select ‘View once’ and submit. With this option it will appear only once and then self-destruct.

By having the option to See only once activated, the image will self-destruct when the person or persons who receive it see it, when entering the image at the top, the time they can observe it will be shown, in the case that they take a capture. Instagram will report it to you. When the image is viewed, only the part of the photo that says You received an image will appear, without leaving a trace of what kind of photo was there.