The last dates have been intense in Dead by daylight. And it is that the asymmetric multiplayer horror video game from Behavior Interactive has incorporated Hellraiser’s Pinhead as a new assassin. However, the Canadian company continues to add new content and now it has done so with more challenges and rewards. In that sense, today we tell you How to save maximum points with Level 4 of the Dead by Daylight Archives Tome, which is available now and includes a total of twenty new missions to complete during the course of the games.

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As you can see in the image above, eleven of the twenty new challenges can be saved for future Dead by Daylight content. All you have to do is follow the path marked in blue and keep the yellow missions. Doing it you will save 600,000 blood points in your bank of points, in addition to the million that you can accumulate as standard in the game. This is a perfect way to save points for when new characters arrive in the game and thus be able to level them up much faster from day one.

Hellraiser DLC in Dead by Daylight now available

If you need the Rift points to increase your Rift level, you will have to claim everything you need until you reach level 70 and thus be able to get all the rewards. Remember that in the patch of the mid-chapter Hellraiser’s Dead by Daylight will incorporate a new original survivor, so saving points still makes sense. Likewise, being an original character in principle, we can get him for 9,000 iridescent fragments if you don’t want to spend real money.

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