How to Restore and Reinstall Google Chrome on your Windows 10 – Set up your PC

How to Restore and Reinstall Google Chrome on your Windows 10 – Set up your PC

Google Chrome is the best browser out there to use on computers and it is also with much more reason it is one of the best browsers for mobile phones. For multiple reasons, Google Chrome sometimes crashes for seemingly reasonable reasons. No matter what the problem is, that is not what matters. What to focus on is the ways in which the problem is solved. The two most feasible things to solve this problem is to completely restore the browser or else uninstall it and download it again.

What are the steps to reinstall Google Chrome on your Windows 10 PC?

The number of steps to use to reinstall the Browser ‘Google Chrome’ on your computer with Windows 10 they are few. We will mention these steps below:

  1. Enter your computer’s control panel and look for the ‘Programs’ section
  2. In ‘Programs’ click on the option ‘Uninstall a program’
  3. Search the ‘Google Chrome’ in that extensive list of programs
  4. When you find it, select it, click where it says ‘Uninstall’ and wait for the uninstall wizard to do everything for you

When the uninstallation is complete, go to the official Google Chrome page to download the installation package browser. Once you download this package, search it inside your computer storage for you to run. Right click on the executable EXE file and choose the option to ‘Run as administrator’. Then, give it the administrator permissions that the EXE asks for, so that the browser installation starts.

In case you did not know how your computer is connected to the internet when installing the browser, the installation will be done online. This is the entire process that must be used to reinstall Google Chrome.

Once Google Chrome is restored, all browsing data is completely deleted. Including things like email accounts, download history, and visited site history. If want reset your Google Chrome browser you don’t need to uninstall it and download it again.

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You just have to go to browser settings, go to the settings search engine and enter the phrase ‘Clear data’. In the search results you should be able to see an option that says ‘Clear browsing data’. Click on it, go to ‘Advanced settings’, check each of the boxes shown here and finally click on the ‘Clear data’ option.

With all this, the browser will be completely clean, just as it was the day you downloaded it. However, it is recommended uninstall the browser and reinstall it in order to have the latest version and also to correct some problems that the browser may have.

How to know if your Google Chrome was correctly installed on your PC?

One of the best things about uninstall and reinstall Google on your computer, is that you can enjoy its new design. Whenever you install a program it is necessary to check if it is installed correctly in the system. Google can sometimes be buggy. Next, we will show you the things you have to take into account to check if the browser installation has been carried out successfully

Restarting your computer

Another thing you must do after installing a program is to restart the computer, so that its files can be started and so that it is optimized. After you have installed Google Chrome again on your computer, restart the computer and try to open the browser. If it fails, it means there was something wrong with the installation. To fix it, uninstall the browser and then proceed to install it again.

Verifying the Google Chrome program

For check if the browser was installed correctly, open it, enter your email and enter the pages you visited the most. The only way to know if a program works well is to use it continuously.