How to renew your driving license from home without setting foot in the DGT | Motor

How to renew your driving license from home without setting foot in the DGT |  Motor

We give you all the steps so that you can renew your driving license from home. It is a process that you can do in a few minutes and in a simpler way than you can imagine at first.

Today most of the procedures can be done online, including the renewal of the driver’s license, where in addition the General Directorate of Traffic recommends that we carry out the renewal electronically.

As technology has advanced, now We can renew the driving license from our own home without going to the DGTAlthough the process may be simple, it can be complicated for certain people who do not have experience with the telematic management of documentation.

Although you can continue doing the renewal in person like a lifetime, we are going to focus on doing it electronically.

When do you have to renew the card?

The truth is that we must renew the driver’s license in the previous three months until it expires, although this is something that many people forget and do not do just when there is no longer a date margin.

If we do it when the DGT marks us, it will not mean that we run out of those months, but that the renewal will begin to count from the day after the permit actually ends.

It is a document that we must have renewed, since if we are caught driving with it expired, the fine goes up to 200 euros, yes, for now it does not lead to loss of points.

Although we should not get to this point, since we could save ourselves such a fine and without having to make a titanic effort.

How often do you have to renew it?

Not in all cases it is renewed in the same way, so we must first know what permission we want it to become active again, how old we are and if there is no other impediment that makes it not possible to reactivate this.

Once we have renewed it, depending on the person and the card, the validity until the next renewal varies:

  • Carnet B1 (tourism): it has a validity period of 10 years.
  • Carnet B1 (tourism) over 65 years old: the validity is reduced to 5 years.
  • Classes C1, C1 + E, C, C + E, D1, D1 + E, D and D + E: they are valid for 5 years.
  • Classes C1, C1 + E, C, C + E, D1, D1 + E, D and D + E over 65 years old: it will have to be renewed every 3 years.

But currently the type of renewal does not depend only on the type of card, but also the points must be taken into account and his loss, something that can cause the full durability to not be completed.

Equally. Another reason why the validity period of the card may be terminated is if during the medical examination the doctor determines that we are not fit or that there is some type of deficiency that does not prevent it at that time, but that can be aggravated at any time, preventing us from driving.

The last reason that can prevent us from not being able to renew the card, can be considered more serious, since it would be for a judicial resolution that it has removed us from the right to drive a motor vehicle, either as a precautionary measure or as a final judgment.

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Renew the card online

As the DGT sends us a letter when our card has about two months to expire, It is at that moment in which we must begin to carry out the procedures for its renewal.

But for that we do not have to go to the office of the General direction of traffic closest, since we can do it from our home via online.

Although in the recognition centers of drivers are also in charge of carrying out these procedures. If the result of the check is favorable, they themselves can be in charge of managing everything with the DGT so that we receive the new card by post.

To do it entirely online we must have the Electronic DNI or some kind of electronic certificate in force, although the simplest thing is to have the relevant credentials of Cl @ ve to access the registry. When we present this registration it must be signed, and therefore we must verify that we have downloaded and installed the program Self-signature.

Once we have everything prepared, the way to carry out this procedure is as follows:

  • We bought and we download the proof of the corresponding fee.
  • We fill in the data of your request in the Electronic record.
  • The data of the person interested in the renewal must be completed, including in the subject the phrase Driving license renewal + the applicant’s DNI number; and finally click on Add document in the attached documents section.
  • In this place you must attach the form application officer, the psychophysical fitness report and finally the rate number corresponding or proof of payment this.
  • Now we only have register the request and keep the receipt that appears to us, which can be downloaded in PDF.

Of course, the last step must be done in the offices of the DGT. Once the application has been received and processed, you will be notified and summoned at the corresponding traffic office headquarters, where you must deliver a 32 x 26 mm current photo and thus finalize this process, giving you at that time a temporary permit in hand.

In a period of approximately a month and a half you will receive the final permit at your home.

How much?

The fees to renew your driving license are not the same price depending on different types of circumstances.

They are divided into these assumptions:

  • In general the permit renewal or license requires purchase of rate 4.3 of 24.34 euros.
  • For over 70 years the procedure is gratuitous.

If for medical reasons the extension is for a period shorter than the established one, the rates are different and of course the cost is different.

These are:

  • Up to 4 years: The 4.3.4 rate of 19.47 euros.
  • Up to 3 years: The 4.3.3 rate of 16.60 euros.
  • Up to 2 years: The 4.3.2 rate of 9.74 euros.
  • Up to 1 year: The 4.3.1 rate of 4.87 euros.

As you have been able to read, it is simpler than it may seem at first and the good thing is that we will not have to leave the house until the last step of all.

If you have already experienced this type of renovation, you can tell us about your experience in one of our social networks.