How to Remove Facebook Reaction From Activity Log

How to Remove Facebook Reaction From Activity Log

Currently, Facebook is the king of social networks by leading WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger and some others that may not be so popular, but that will surely grow.

Particularly, Facebook allows us to express a variety of moods and “Reactions” to the posts of our friends in that network, it may be the case that at some point we want to change the reaction we have given to a publication, in this post we will teach you how to do it.

What information does the activity log contain?

Facebook has an activity log section, in which we can check our recent activity within the social network, in addition to this section contains tools to filter that activity by category, behavior, date and a good variety of options if you want to consult something very specific. Also, only the account owner can see that personal activity log. Here we will talk about some of the main options on this panel.


In this section you can check the likes you have received, also the reactions and comments that your friends have made on the posts you have made.

Your posts

Here you can find and access the full record of all photos, videos and post that you have shared from your profile.


In this area you can see your friends list, also the pages you like, also the relationships that you have configured in your profile, (partner, family and everything configured in your relationship network).

Group activity

Here in this section you can see the most relevant publications of the groups and communities to which you belong within Facebook.

Where can this registry be accessed?

Depending on where you are connecting to Facebook, it will be the way in which you can see the log of your activity, below we show you the two main ways.

Web version

Log in to your Facebook account with your email and password, once inside you must go to the upper right part of Facebook and click on the icon with a small downward pointing arrowNow in the menu that appears select “Settings and privacy”, and then you will see the option called “Activity log”.

From the app

If you want to access the activity log from the Facebook app installed on your mobile, the steps to follow are as follows: log into your account with your email and username, then locate the menu with three horizontal lines in the upper right part of the app and press itWhen you do, you will be shown a menu in which you must look for the option that says “Configuration”, and you will see several sections where you must locate the one called “Your Facebook information” within that section you will be able to see the activity log, press it and there you will be able to manage all the aforementioned categories offered by this registry.

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Procedure to remove a ‘Like’ and other interactions

delete like facebook

Facebook allows you to manage all the reactions that you have manifested in the publications of your Facebook contacts, for that you have some tools that the same platform offers.

The first thing you should do is log into Facebook with your user data, then go to your personal profile and select the “Settings” option, then go to the “Privacy” section, enter the activity log and click the button called “Filter”, then choose the option “Likes and reactions”, save the changes you have configured in this filter and press accept.

When you apply this search filter, Facebook will show you all the publications to which you have given a “Like” or have reacted with any emotion, you just have to find the publication you want to change your reaction to, then click on the button of the three points to change your reaction or eliminate it permanently.

What happens if I remove a ‘Like’ on Facebook?

how to remove a like from facebook

If you have liked someone’s post and then want to remove it, nothing bad will happen, Facebook will not block your account or anything like that, you have the right to express yourself freely within your profile, as long as do not disrespect the freedom of others, the only thing that can happen is that the person who received the like, receives a notification that you have reacted to one of their photos or publications, but that I do not find or do not see that I like it reflected in the post, that in the case that the person is online at that time.

However, if you like and remove it before that person connects to Facebook again, they will not even notice, they will not receive any notification.