Operating systems have been able to develop very well over time. Since they began to be used, they have had many changes. Each of these changes has been made in order to make the user experience much more enjoyable, as well as that the system can be properly adapted to the demands of specific hardware.

That is why operating system developers never stop working. They are always trying to find the best way to improve operating systems. Because when these are improved, the device also improves.

This is why advances have taken place to guarantee an experience that is always more recent, more comfortable and more effective. Because it is not the same to open a program in Windows 98 than in Windows 10 in terms of speed.

About this, we can talk about Android. Since the operating system was released and became free, many people have been able to experiment with it. To the point that many claims that you have much more freedom in terms of user experience with an Android system.

And, really, it is a system that today does not have much to envy other operating systems such as iOS. Ultimately, it’s a matter of taste and what you want to get as a mobile phone experience. Therefore, we have had the power to perform certain actions on an Android mobile phone.

How to remove and delete the script from a partitioned ROM on Android

Many of the things we can do on a computer, we can do on an Android mobile and with the same speed. This has caused many people to spend their time exploring, modifying and improving the Android system; which has led to things like roots and exploits.

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Not to mention the scripts and other processes that can be done on an Android to be able to modify your experience at will. To the point of being able to perform a ROM partition.

What you need to know about a ROM partition on an Android

When we talk about Android systems, we talk about an operating system, which at the level of files and operation, even in hardware; it is a system very similar to that of a computer. You can even do many things that you can do on a computer, including partitioning the ROM of your device.

This can be very useful for other people, especially if you want to have another type of section within your device with which to run different processes.

Everyone has their reasons, but in the end a ROM partition can be extremely effective and good for people who need it. But what happens when I make a ROM partition, something else comes out and I need to delete the script for it? See below how you can do.

How to remove and delete the script from a partitioned ROM on Android

How to remove the script that is dedicated to the ROM partition

In order to remove the script that is in charge of maintaining a ROM partition on an Android device, all you have to do is download the ROM in question. After that, you must enter the path /system/etc/init.d. Here you can find the script you want to delete so much.

In case it is in stock format, the file will be 40d2ext. But, in case you are running it in cyanogen, you will see it as 40int2ext.