How to reheat leftover pasta by recipe type so it’s even better the next day

How to reheat leftover pasta by recipe type so it’s even better the next day

Calculating the necessary pasta portions is never an exact science, and the indications, even in the recipes that we share in WTP, they should be taken as a suggestion or rough guide. But we almost like to do more to have leftovers on purposeas reheated pasta can be a new delicacy, sometimes even tastier than the original dish.

It could seem contradictory if we take to heart the basic rules of cooking and serving pasta that we would be given in Italy, such as avoiding overcooking or the importance of serving it immediately, as soon as it is combined with its sauce. And yet, Italians also know how to reuse leftover pasta because, as the Anna Mayer“sometimes the pasta is left over, and since we are not going to throw it away, something will have to be done with it”.

The best leftover pasta to reheat

In principle, we could reheat any leftover pasta, but simple preparations work better. only with oil and few condiments more (garlic and oglio, authentic carbonara without cream, cacio e pepe…) or with base of tomato. Pesto and creamy sauces are regularly reheated, but there is still a solution by slightly changing the technique.

The baked pasta dishes They are excellent candidates to reheat and live a new experience of flavors and textures. The stuffed ones, such as cannelloni and lasagna, keep very well thanks precisely to their format, with a very juicy interior and well accompanied by bechamel sauce, sauce and plenty of cheese.

The classic macaroni with tomato gratins also reheat wonderfully over the fire, much better than microwave, and they may end up asking for more of those leftovers at home than the original dish itself. It has happened to us.

Techniques for reheating leftover pasta

  • conserve cooking water. In addition to using it to finish preparing the dish immediately, save the rest. Add a little to the container where you are going to keep the leftovers, and also refrigerate the water from cooking the leftover pasta.
  • if you are looking for one soft pasta and recover the juiciness and mellowness of the sauce, reheat the leftovers in a frying pan, gradually adding part of the cooking water that you have reserved, to rehydrate it, trying not to water it down.

  • Creamy pasta with sweeter sauces, dairy or with abundant cheese will be reheated better using a very wide and shallow pan. non-stickover medium heat, stirring constantly, to re-emulsify the whole.

  • If you don’t have any cooking water left, use a homemade substitute of water with cornstarch -maizena-, mixing 1/4 heaped teaspoon in 240 ml of cold water, and then heat it in the microwave to dissolve it well.

  • Sauté in the pan. As they say in Italy, prepare a Ripassata pasta, cooking it with a generous amount of extra virgin olive oil, allowing it to brown and even caramelize or crisp a bit. This technique is especially appreciated with tomato-based sauces, even if they have been baked au gratin. It will be richer in an iron skillet.

  • cook a frittata. Starting from the same previous technique, after frying the leftover pasta, preferably spaghetti or another long and thin, with tomato, in white or with a simple dressing, add the necessary amount of beaten eggs to make an omelet. Let it set on one side before turning it over and cook it as you would your favorite potato or vegetable omelette.

  • be proactive. If you are already cooking pasta thinking that there will be leftovers, take the opportunity to increase the quantities of the sauce, and reserve a part to store it in the fridge separately. The pasta, with cold rest, loses texture and moisture, drying out. If you have extra sauce the leftovers will be more flavorful.

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Remember that cooked pasta, like rice, must refrigerate immediately, since it is susceptible to becoming a source of invisible and imperceptible spores and microtoxins that could cause serious poisoning. We should not keep leftovers for more than 24 hoursand never reheat them more than once.

Lodge 26.04 cm/10.25 inches - - Round skillet in pre-seasoned cast iron

Lodge 26.04 cm/10.25 inches – – Round skillet in pre-seasoned cast iron

Image | Steven Guzzardi
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