Surely many times you have found yourself in the need to add text in photos and have resorted to very impractical applications, something difficult to use and, in most cases, they do not offer us optimal results for what we are looking for.

That is why today I bring you a very simple application to use, so much so that even a small child will be able to use it with very good results, without anyone explaining how it works, a totally free application that will get the task done Adding text to photos is very, very easy to achieve and even giving us options for high-quality finishes.

The application I’m talking about is an application that we can download directly from the Google Play Store under the name of Posteroid, a very simple application to use, with just the right options to add text to photos but optimized to the maximum for that the results are perfect.

Download Posteroid for free from the Google Play Store

Developer: zigzag GmbH
Price: Free+

Everything Posteroid offers us to add text to a photo

Posteroid relies on simplicity to add text to photos. As soon as we open the application we realize its tremendous simplicity of use since we have a very sober interface that offers us a presentation in the style of the famous poster with the phrase Keep to calm in which we have at the bottom with a button in the form of a + sign to start our new project or job.

How to put text on photos

Once we click on this button, we will hear a sound similar to a photocopier machine to one of those old Polaroid instant photo machines, a sound that is very attractive and that already gives us to understand that, although the application seems simple it is more work than we can believe at first.

The default application will take the last photograph taken with our camera or the last screenshot taken from our Android smartphone as a photograph to add text. To change this photo we are only going to have to click on the button that appears just above the keyboard on the left side of it.

How to put text on photos

Above the keyboard, we have only three buttons, the one on the left that I have commented to you to select a photograph or instead select a colored background, with the button that appears in the center we can change the text to be displayed, although before we will have to delete the text that is shown as an example with the back button on the keyboard, and finally, on the right, we have a button that will allow us to change the font color of the text to be selected from eight different options.

Already in the interface where the results of our project are shown, specifically the text that we have placed on the image or selected color, to the right of it we have a sliding bar to space the different words that make up our text.

How to put text on photos

On the left side, we have three buttons that will serve us again: the first one to change the shape of the text to be displayed, the second to change the type of font, and the third to change where our text is displayed, being able to select between aligned up, centered or down.

The background blur or blur effect that we are also allowed to select in this application we will be able to select and apply to our liking by means of a sliding bar that appears to the right of the image in the image selection section of the application Logically if we choose the option to select a background color, this effect or this sidebar will not be shown.

How to put text on photos

Once we have the text added to the photo in question, we will only have to click on the little arrow that indicates down that we can find in the upper right part of the application to download our project.

Then we will only have to select the quality and size that best suits our specific needs.