How to Put Multiple Photos in the Same Instagram Story – Learn How to Do It

How to Put Multiple Photos in the Same Instagram Story – Learn How to Do It

Nowadays it is very common to use social networks, specifically Instagram, to place any photo or video that interests us. Even many people earn money by adding videos to this social network.

But if you only use it to post your favorite photos, you probably don’t know how to make a collage with two or more images. From now on we will show you how you can upload two or more photos to your story in the same story, either using the Instagram image editor or installing others that will also be very useful for other things.

What to do to upload two photos to the same Instagram story without other applications?

There are many editing modes that the instagram app, since there are many users who use this network on a daily basis to teach their followers what they do on that day or on the weekend.

If you want to put several images in a single photo and upload them to your Instagram story, you have to enter the application. After you will go to the stories section and you will click on add new story.

Now you will have to click on design mode, here you can add all the photos you want and make a collage with many photos. You have no limit as long as they do not cover one another. When you finish it you can click on save the image on the ‘Download’ button or share it to your Instagram story.

What methods to use to upload multiple photos to Instagram stories?

Clearly there are several ways to upload multiple photos to the same Instagram story without using the application editor. That is why we will show you other applications that you can use to do this.

From Facebook

The first thing you will do is enter the Facebook application. Being here you will press on the camera. Then you go to swipe the screen up and here it will load the section of the photos that you have in your gallery.

After you add this photo you will have to find another to add it, but this time it will be in a different way. You have to touch the stickers icon in the toolbar that you will see on the right side. Now, among the stickers you will click on gallery, from there you will be able to choose another image that you want to add to the first.

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After you edit it your way, you can save the image to your storage clicking on the ‘Save’ button. Now you will go to the Instagram application, here you will click on adding a new story, then you will slide the screen to see the photos from your gallery and you will select the one you have created on Facebook.

Using Toolkit for Instagram – Gbox

gbox logo

Through this application also you can edit any image with many so you can upload it to your Instagram story. You can use the top 9 or 9 grid mode to add 9 different images to one and make a kind of collage of the photos that you prefer. After you edit it, you can save it on your phone and then go to your Instagram and post it in your story.

Using the Filmigo Video Maker Editing App

Although this is a tool for video editing, you can also make this kind of editing to the images and you can add a song and make a kind of video. After you finish it and edit it the way you see fit, you can store it in your phone and then you will go to Instagram and post it as a story. So your followers can enjoy this series of photos.

How to upload multiple photos to multiple Instagram stories?

In case what you want is to add several images with many photos in different stories of your Instagram, the first thing you will have to have is one lots of photos in your gallery and if you want to upload them all at the same time you can do this.

You can use any of the methods that we mentioned a moment ago to edit images with multiple photos. Then you can add them one by one to your story.

You can also do it with the same Instagram editor, choose the images you want to place in that collage and you will create it. Then you can click on share story and this will be uploaded automatically and each of your followers will be able to enjoy it.