Creating content is an art, especially when it comes to videos. It is understandable to see that there are YouTubers that can take weeks to make and edit a video of just 10 minutes. These types of pieces can be time-consuming due to the time it takes to refine every little detail so that a video can look the way you want it to look.

To this, you add all the problems that can arise when editing a video, such as errors in audio synchronization if you recorded the audio separately.

Ultimately, we can all agree that video editing takes time and work. That is why it is never a bad idea to be able to know all the little tricks in the book as far as this is concerned.

The more tricks you have up your sleeve when it comes to editing a video, the more and better ways you can edit a video may be. More is not always better, but knowing something that you can use when the time is right will get you out of a big bind.

With the latter in mind, it is always a good idea to know a few tricks about sound editing. And among the most iconic and popular sound editions out there is the use of the “squirrel voice.”  And, if you don’t know how to use it in Sony Vegas Pro, then we will talk a little about how you can create make your video sound with funny little squirrel voices.

How to put a squirrel voice to the audio of a video with Sony Vegas Pro - Step by Step

Why should you use this sound effect?

When we talk about video or sound effects in Sony Vegas Pro, such as bordering video clips, it never hurts to know the smallest and largest tricks out there. Editors often send another specialist sound editor who can edit the audio of a particular video for EQ and sound quality reasons.

But, if you know enough about sound editing, you can save yourself from bothering someone else for a project and take charge of it yourself.

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Now the squirrel voice sound effect is an old and well-known trick, but it never goes out of style. In fact, nowadays it is used a lot in Instagram or Snapchat videos to be able to add a cute comic tone to a video or simply to add a little touch to a video between dialogues.

It is also a basic trick that you should learn if you are starting to edit videos. See below how you can do it.

How to put a squirrel voice to the audio of a video with Sony Vegas Pro - Step by Step

Putting squirrel voice

To be able to add the funny squirrel voice in a video of yours, there really isn’t much to do. Just follow the next step by step and you can have the video you are editing with all the squirrel voices you want.

  • First, you must open the Sony Vegas Pro program and open the video you want to edit there.
  • Now, you must locate yourself in the video timeline that is at the bottom of the screen. Below this, you will see the timeline of the audio, next to this you will see a small green button that says “Track FX…” Click on this.
  • Then a window will open in the program. You should be at the top of the window where there will be a button with a green symbol identical to the one you clicked on “Track FX”. This is called “Plug-in”.
  • Now, another window will open. Here you can see all the available sound effects. You should look for the sound effect called Pitch Shift. You must add it and click “Ok”.
  • Next, you must edit the tone of the sound effect. If you set it to pitch 6 or 7, it will be enough for the squirrel voice sound. It is also a good idea to click on the filter’s Anti-aliased and on “Preserve Duration”. Also in ” Mode “, you must select “A07.Speech 1”. However, keep in mind that these editions are a matter of taste. And ready.