The most popular social network of the moment is undoubtedly TikTok. This platform is well known by music videos that are shared, choreography, jokes, and very funny dances. You can even put a video on your profile to personalize your presentation on the social network. Putting a profile photo video on TikTok is very easy. Therefore, if you want to know how to put a video on your profile and know the seconds that this video must have to upload it, we recommend reading the article.

How many seconds should a video be for the ‘Profile Picture’ box on TikTok?

Putting an image on your profile is very important. In fact, the platform TikTok allows you not only to place a photo that is the most common, but also a video, with which you can go viral on TikTok. Through this video, other users will be able to identify you when visiting your account. Hence, it is essential to choose a video that represents you and that you take special care with its content.

One point that you should not ignore when putting a video is the dimensions that the TikTok platform allows. The length of the video must be 6 seconds and the size of approximately 1080 x 1920. By uploading the video in the profile box you can adjust the size and even crop it to show only the seconds you want it to be seen.

What should be done to put one or two videos on the initial TikTok photo temporarily?

On the TikTok platform you can not only put a transparent profile photo, but also personalize it with a video. In this way, make your profile more attractive. We explain how you can do it.

On Android or iPhone

Putting a video on the initial photo of TikTok is very easy, especially if you do it from your mobile device. Enter TikTok and click on Edit profile. There you click on the option to Change video and from your mobile gallery, select the video for your profile. You can adjust the video and trim and then Save the changes. When you log in to your TikTok account, you will see that you have a video in your profile picture.

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put video on tiktok profile picture

From the desk

From the PC you must enter the TikTok website using your preferred browser and log in with your data. Click on your profile picture and choose the option See profile. There you click on upload video and upload the video you want and have stored in your PC documents, wait for the page to load and then click Save. This video will stay there for 24 hours.

How to download someone else’s profile video on TikTok?

The TikTok app allows you to download the videos of other users easily. But if the user in question has disabled permission for others to download their videos, then you have other options.

Screen recording

If you got a video in a profile of another user, but you cannot download it because that user does not allow it, you can choose to record screen. That is, you can take a screenshot of the video. Fortunately, most mobile devices have video capture capabilities. You should only enable this function from your mobile settings.

Whether you have Android or an iPhone, go to Settings, Settings and click on Screen recording. You enter TikTok and play the video of the user’s profile. When finished, press to stop recording and you’re done. You will have that video.

Communicate to the user

One way to access another user’s profile video on the TikTok network is to communicate with that user. This can generate in the user a feeling of security, because their privacy is not being violated by participating in their video being taken. Also, you may be flattered that someone liked your profile video. AND it is probably that I will gladly share it with you. These are the ways to download the profile video, in case the user has disabled TikTok video downloads.