How to publish and edit your best stories of 2021 with Instagram Playback

How to publish and edit your best stories of 2021 with Instagram Playback

At this time, it is very common to see compilations of all kinds with the best of the year. Google Photos already shows us our most memorable photos of this 2021 and Instagram has also launched its Playback function, with which we can republish the best stories of the year.

The application itself offers you a selection of what it considers to be the most special moments of 2021, but if you don’t like them and you want to add or remove one before publishing it, it is also possible. We teach you how to do it.

So you can publish the default selection

Probably when you open the Instagram app, you will get a “2021” with the message “Look at your moments from 2021”. From there, by clicking on “See moments” you can access the compilation that Instagram itself has created by default with some of your stories published in 2021.

Instagram 2021

In the event that you do not get that notice, just look at the stories of your contacts and, when a compilation appears with the sticker “2021”, click on it. At the moment the message of “Look at your moments of 2021” will appear.

Instagram 2021 02

The selection includes five stories, but, as we will see below, you can delete some of them or add a moment that you miss that you have published throughout the year. If you like the Instagram compilation, click on “Next” to edit each of these five stories before publishing them (it is possible to add stickers, text, filters, etc.).

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Instagram 2021 03

When you have the selection to your liking, click on “Next” and choose if you want share it in your story or send it to a contact. Before sharing it on Instagram, you can also ask it to place it on Facebook (if you don’t have it that way by default).

So you can create your own compilation

What if there is a story you prefer not to share again? What if you miss a special moment in 2021 that does not appear in the compilation? Very easy: Instagram lets you customize it removing the ones you don’t like or adding any stories you’ve published throughout the year.

Instagram 2021 04

To do this, you have to access the file of published stories pressing the (+) at the bottom, to the right of the fifth selected story. Once inside the file, you just have to check the ones you want to add and uncheck the ones you prefer to omit.

You have the possibility to select a maximum of 10 stories to share them. When you finish your choice, you can edit them by clicking on each of them and, once you have them to your liking, touch “Next” to share them.