How to peel and prepare a pomegranate for use in the simplest way

How to peel and prepare a pomegranate for use in the simplest way

To open a grenade there is a method that results much better than splitting it in half and pounding with a spoon so that the pimples come off, which according to my research among friends and acquaintances is the most used method.

The usual thing is to cut the pomegranate in half crosswise, and then start hitting it with a ladle or spoon to recover the grains. The worst thing about this method is that beaten grains are wasted, and it is also splashed a lot, staining the countertop and the clothes of those who hit the grenades.

Once shelled, you must proceed to drain the excess juice, remove the most damaged grains and especially the annoying yellow fabrics that will surely fill our plate with unappetizing scraps.

The best method to shell the pomegranate

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Much better is the method recommended by the Association of producers and marketers of the pomegranate, which I learned on a trip to Elche to know the Mollar variety pomegranate. It consists of making a few cuts forming a square that surrounds the crown of the pomegranate.

Next, that square or lid is removed and some cuts are made from top to bottom starting at the vertices of the square and towards the bottom of the fruit. In addition to the four vertices, you can make other additional cuts.

Peel Granada Good Method 1

If we see any marks of the yellow webs, we can make some cuts where they are, so that after cutting, those yellow parts are to one side of the cut. Once the cuts are made, we open them as if it were an orange. From the central part, we remove the webs or skins that are grouped in the center, simply stretching.

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This is how we open the pomegranate that remains in segments, easy to eat, in which the yellow skin is easily removed and without the grains of the pomegranate have suffered damage or have splashed all over the countertop or our clothes. Then it is enough to shell each portion in a simple way.

Two Methods Peel Pomegranate

Seeing both methods … which one do you think is better to shell this delicious fruit?