Warzone has just launched its event The Numbers, belonging to Season 5 Reloaded, and if you complete it you will take a melee weapon called Sai. As sometimes it is a bit difficult to understand with the over-information that is in the game menus, we make it easy for you with this informative pamphlet to be able to finish it easily.

“Hundreds of years ago, [la Sai] it was introduced to the island of Okinawa and ended up being adopted by the local police to help stop criminals. For an outlaw like Kitsune, which grew up nearly 1200 kilometers away, in Kobe, wielding one is an irony that he enjoys. “Who wouldn’t like a melee weapon with this story? Who? Come on, tune in to the radios.

Where are the Numbers mobile stations?

For take you SaiAll you have to do is go to the nine mobile stations that are all over the map and listen to them. The good thing is that as soon as you jump off the plane you can open the map to see the location of each station and mark it. Grab a vehicle and give yourself a good volt, that the same you get to visit them all before the game ends.

The method to activate them is very simple: get close to the military trucks with an antenna. You will know that you enter their range of action because red numbers will appear around you and because you will start to hear a radio recording. In addition to get that stationIf you listen to the recordings, you will also complete several challenges expressly linked to each one. With this you will get money, business cards, charms or XP.

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Radio transmitter

And what do I do to activate them?

Leave shyness at home! Approach the truck and look for a red button. Pressing it will activate the antenna. This way it will stay activate the rest of the game, on the one hand, and the red icon on the map will turn green. Be careful, to complete the challenges you only need to listen to each broadcast; you do not need to activate each antenna.

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That is why we told you that it is very easy to do the pilgrimage —except if they kill you, ahem— at once if you wear a robust vehicle. As soon as you stay in the area for a minute, you’ll hear enough of that Cold War radio show to end that radio.