Office programs are among the most used around the world due to their great versatility and functions for each problem. They are so in demand that there are even ways to safely open a Word document without using Microsoft Office.

When it comes to security, remember not to confuse it with opening any document in safe mode. And do not confuse this with another similar process such as uploading, opening and editing a Word document in Google Docs.

These ways of opening a Word document without using Microsoft Office exist, since, for different reasons, not everyone can access this suite of applications.

Docx and Doc formats What are they exactly? Learn about them

The DOC format of Word was the first to be created to save documents, before the Microsoft update in 2013. It is very similar to the current DOCX, but its differences can still cause interference when maintaining the original shape of the file.

The difference in versions can generate a problem that perhaps you have already faced and do not know what it was referring to. If you upload a DOCX file to a DOC system, it will not accept it and vice versa, but do not worry because this problem is easily solvable.

As we already know, when it comes to saving documents, all office automation programs provide us with different JPG, PDF, template options, among others. When selecting the format, we only have to be aware of choosing ” Word Document 97-2013 ” in case we want to save it as DOC.

How to open a Word Docx or Doc document without using Microsoft Office?

Programs you can use to open a Word document without using Microsoft Office

You will be surprised how many tools exist to be able to open a Word document without using Microsoft Office. With these, you can even do any work from scratch, edit them and work online with third parties.

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Office Web

It is clearly the most successful since it offers free online versions of all office automation programs. You only need to have a Windows account with which you can access and, although it does not have all the functions that the originals can offer, it is quite complete.

Once you are on the home page, select which program you want to use and it will redirect you to an interface quite similar to its original version. Here you can load the documents directly from your computer and create new ones that you can save without problem. Likewise, these files will be saved on the server regardless of whether you log out.

Google Docs

It is also a very useful option to open a Word document without using Microsoft Office since it allows you to edit documents together and automatically saves the changes.

It has several basic tools and a forum-type chat to exchange ideas. In order to use Google Docs, it is necessary to have a Gmail account, you must be able to access Google Drive in order to first load the document and then open it.

Chrome Office Viewer

It is an extension offered by the browser, which once installed, will allow you to edit the documents from Chrome itself. To open a Word document without using Microsoft Office through this plugin, you must open Chrome and drag the file you want to the page.

There are other free alternatives equivalent to office suites such as LibreOffice and OpenOffice that offer almost the same services. We can also make use of WordPad if we have the Microsoft operating system which, although it is a bit rustic, manages to save you in an extreme situation.

Without anything else to say, I hope you have clarified your doubt and solved your problem. For more interesting information you can take a look at our website, you will surely find what you need.