How to make your own homemade anti-odor spray, without chemicals | Life

How to make your own homemade anti-odor spray, without chemicals |  Life

You only need a few ingredients that are very easy to find, to make your own homemade air freshener, which has nothing to envy from the supermarket, and is healthier.

No matter how clean your house is, it is inevitable that bad odors accumulate in the kitchen, the bathroom, the bedrooms …

To remove them you can use odor absorber As the bamboo charcoal, diffusers, ozone generators, etc. You have some tricks to eliminate odors from pipes or fabric furniture in this news.

Another very effective way to maintain a clean environment at home is with an air freshener. The problem is that commercial air fresheners have chemicals that should not be abused.

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It is still an artificially created smell, with chemical flavorings.

You can substitute it for a homemade anti-odor spray, that we are going to manufacture with cheap ingredients, very common and very easy to obtain.

It is a spray that only contains natural ingredients. And it works really well.

It may not last several hours like industrial air fresheners, but to eliminate bad odors during a visit, or at specific moments, it works perfectly.

Buying guide with which you will learn what an aroma diffuser can bring to your life, how it works and the details you should pay attention to.

How to make homemade anti-odor air freshener

We need the following ingredients. They are easy to find in any supermarket, or in stores like Amazon.

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And you won’t have to spend a lot of money:

  • An empty spray bottle
  • Two tablespoons of baking soda
  • Some water
  • A couple of drops of essential oil

We fill the bottle with the spray the equivalent of a glass of water.

We add the sodium bicarbonate, and we shake well.

Then we add 3 or 4 drops of essential oils the scent you like best: lavender, eucalyptus, lemon, orange, etc.

We shake again, and let it rest.

There are people who like to add a couple tablespoons of fabric softener, but we would already break the rule of not using chemicals. We leave it to everyone’s taste.

It is a home air freshener especially recommended for spray on fabrics: armchairs, chairs, curtains, clothes, etc.

Eliminates odors, and at the same time produces a good smell. Test it!