How to make your mobile scream when you reach a full battery charge whether you have Android or iPhone

How to make your mobile scream when you reach a full battery charge whether you have Android or iPhone

We know that our smartphones can beep to warn us that they have little time left to turn off and we must connect to the power to charge them. Or maybe you’re one of those people who saves homework for the night and connecting the mobile to the charger is the last thing he does before going to bed. Thus, in the morning, he is always found full from batteries. And it is that charging the mobile is already such a daily action that we have automated it until it becomes one of those tasks that we repeat every day almost without realizing it or thinking about it. However, it offers many more options beyond plugging the terminal into the charger.

Although leaving the mobile plugged in after it has finished charging will not harm it, according to a study carried out by Battery University, charging the mobile several times a day is more beneficial for the battery than a single long charge.

Although it must be admitted that it is not the most practical, if it were compatible with our routine, connecting the smartphone to the current at intervals would lengthen the performance of the battery. According to mobile technology expert Simon Jary, battery life is extended by taking small charges to keep it, ideally, above 50%.

wireless charging

Whether for this or another reason, it is possible make our mobile notify us when it is fully charged or when it reaches a certain battery percentage. Of course, for this we will need to download an app developed by third parties.

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The application that we need to download from the store will depend on the operating system that our terminal uses. Thus, Android users can install Battery Sound Notification and those of iOS Battery Life Alarm & Reminders. Both allow you to select the percentage of charged battery at which you want to be notified and they work both on mobile and iPad.

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Now (and by “now” we mean once installed) we teach you, step by step, to activate the notification. We will use the Android app as a model but the iOS app is just as simple.

  • Press the plus (+) icon at the top of the interface.
  • The app will show you up to three options: Mode, Sound and General. Choose the first.
  • Select here the option “Full batery” and enter 100% or the desired percentage.
  • Finally, in the “Sound” section, choose ‘Text-to-speech’ and write the message you want the phone to yell at you to alert you.

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