Do you know what is the best age to learn a language? Read on and you will be amazed!

Many parents wonder what is the right age to start children in learning new languages . Children from birth begin to assimilate all its environment so naturally and without realizing it , so it is proven that since they have only a few months are able to acquire other languages, but the key is Having a method Natural Learning it is basic for a correct acquisition!

Introducing another language to a 4-month-old may be surprising to many, but it is not, since they need stimuli to develop their brain , and what better than linguistic stimuli to enhance it . Contact with the new language must be daily and natural to ensure that it occurs in the most organic way possible.

That is why the philologist Natàlia Perarnau, founder of the Kids & Us method, which is based on natural learning that seeks to reproduce the system with which children acquire their mother tongue,  began to speak to her daughter every day for 10 minutes in English and She noted that after 2 years, she understood and communicated better than her students who had been studying this language for the longest time using the traditional method .

How to make your little one learn English as if it were their mother tongue?

Natalia found that one of the best ways to open the doors to a new language is through routines , that is, establishing simple and consistent habits that make children feel confident and happy.

Since the body and brain need repetition to acquire new knowledge, it can be said that we are all born with an innate mechanism to learn. Many parents are surprised that their children love having the same story read to them over and over again, but it is a natural process that allows them to acquire words and phrases to communicate.

The mother tongue is learned through the association of objects, words and sounds, the same happens with other languages. Learning and integrating new languages ​​from a young age facilitates the acquisition of more languages, because they all share links with each other, rules, structures or pronunciations, so the tools used to assimilate a new language will be the same ones that will allow them to acquire others.

The age and the way in which a language is learned are key elements to get the children to speak other languages , but parents are also a fundamental part of this process. Opening the doors at home to new languages ​​and introducing them to family routines allow the little ones to assimilate them in a more accurate and natural way.