How to make Windows notify you when your PC’s battery is fully charged to take care of and extend its useful life

How to make Windows notify you when your PC’s battery is fully charged to take care of and extend its useful life

The battery of our laptop is one of the elements that we must monitor the most. We do it to take care of the useful life and try to extend it but also to try to save on the electricity bill by preventing it from charging too long. A task that we can improve by doing that the PC itself warn us when the battery is charged.

So far the only thing we can do playing with the possibilities of Windows is that the system warns us if the battery is about to run out. If what we want is for it to notify us when it is charged, we have to use third-party tools such as Battery Notification, a free and simple application that we can download from the Microsoft Store.

Battery charged warning

Battery Notification does exactly what it promises on its behalf: it alerts us when the PC has a fully charged battery, the same as on an Android mobile or an iPhone with iOS and the help of Siri. The objective is prevent an always connected PC from affecting its battery life.

Technology has improved in a way and when the battery is charged and we are using the equipment connected to the electrical outlet, the current bypasses the battery and serves to power the equipment, so that it does not overload, but what it does not prevent is that the device becomes hot. Y the heat makes bad crumbs with the batteries.

Temperature is essential to take care of the battery. We must stay away from the extremes, as they do not perform well both in excessive heat and in low temperatures. You may have noticed how, for example, in summer, when 40º is normal, the batteries fly and perform worse. The same happens with excessive cold and temperatures below 0º. It is therefore ideal to have a regular average temperature so that the battery does not suffer excessive wear in daily use.

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Keep in mind that when the battery does not reach 100% charge, one of the reasons may be that it gets too hotTherefore, avoiding excessive overheating seems essential.

So you can access a complete report on the status of the battery in Windows 10 and Windows 11

This is to prevent the PC from being plugged in when the battery is 100% charged and we can do that with Battery Notification. The application alerts us when the laptop reaches a specific load percentage that we have set in advance.

Battery Notification 2

Once Battery Notification is downloaded, we just have to give it permissions to run in the background and choose the percentage of load that we want to be the limit set for the application to notify us, a figure that by default is set at 90%.

Battery Notification 3

We can also customize different aspects of the applicationEither the warning tones (we can use any Mp3 file that we have stored) or record a voice message that will indicate us along with a warning on the screen that the battery has reached the established limit.

Battery Notification 4

In case of not having marked 100%, the application also offers information about the time remaining for the battery to fully charge. In addition, we can use Battery Notification to notify us when the charge level is very low, being able to choose again the percentage and the warning tone. By default it is set at 25%.

Battery Notification 1

It must be borne in mind that the battery of any device, in this case of laptops, is one of the elements that suffers the most when the equipment spends long periods plugged into the power.

How to make Windows notify you when your PC's battery is fully charged to take care of and extend its useful life

Battery Notification