To make the homemade teriyaki sauce, we put the soy sauce and add the mirin, sugar, sake and a piece of ginger. Heat over high heat until it boils, while stirring until the sugar is dissolved. Then we let the sauce cook and reduce for five minutes, always stirring without stopping. We turn off, remove the ginger and let it rest while we make the chicken.

We clean the chicken breasts by removing the ribs and calves you may have and cut them into cubes of a couple of centimeters. We cut the green part of the chives into julienne strips and sauté it with two tablespoons of olive oil. We add the chicken.

We let it brown on all its faces, which will take us about five minutes and we add the homemade teriyaki sauce. We let the whole cook for fifteen minutes. When we see that the chicken is shiny and the sauce has practically been consumed, we turn off the heat.

We serve the teriyaki chicken in a bowl, sprinkle with sesame seeds and accompany with a garnish of white rice, preferably elongated, jasmine or basmati type.