Instagram is the social platform where you can interact and promote your personal and work interests. It is a very practical and dynamic tool that has gained millions of users around the world, especially in recent days. One of the characteristics of this great website is that it makes it easy to share and disseminate publications.

But if you don’t want your personal and family life to be in the public domain, you can put your Instagram account privately. Therefore, if you want to know how to make your account private and the ways to do it, we recommend reading this article.

Who can see my profile once the account is private?

The instagram platform It is a social network that has many users in the world and the number of users increases daily. It is characterized by interacting with followers by sharing multimedia content. You may wonder how safe this predominant network is within the social networks of the moment.

The platform gives users the ability to protect your account by putting your profile private. In doing so, only those who follow you will be able to enter and see your profile and published content on this interactive and dynamic social platform. Thus preventing unknown people from invading your privacy.

What about my Instagram followers?

If you put your Instagram account private, your followers will not be affected, they will remain the sameRather, they will avoid ceasing to be your followers. In addition, the content you share becomes exclusive, which generates expectations and curiosity in those who still do not follow you and will probably start to do so. For it, new followers will need to send you a request that you can approve or reject.

If you accept their request they will receive the notification. But they can also find out if someone rejected your request on Instagram. Only your followers can see your photos, your stories and make comments or likes your publications. If you make a comment or a publication on Instagram Direct, those who follow you will be able to see it as well as the mentions you make in it.

Does making my profile change the way I view my profile private?

Making your Instagram account private influences the way your profile looks. You can view your publications and your followers and even see the suggested content of the magnifying glass and your feed will remain the same. But the most important thing is that the button where this protection measure is enabled, will appear gray which will indicate that your account is in private status.

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How do I know someone made their Instagram account private?

Those who follow you can continue to be your followers after putting your private Instagram profile and seeing all your content. Only new followers who want to view your profile will need to send you a request because will not have access to any content on your account because the system will indicate the restriction of it.

view followers in instagram application

Specifically, it will show them that your account is private. Neither will your username appear so easy in the search bar. Making your Instagram account private can be advantageous, apart from security and privacy it is one of the tricks to gain more followers, although it sounds contradictory.

What are the ways to make my account private?

You can avoid upset and fright by making your Instagram profile private and thus protect the content you share so that only your followers and people you know can see and comment on it. We explain the ways to make your Instagram account private from the settings and using external applications.

Inside the Instagram settings

You enter Instagram, click on the icon with the three lines to access the profile. There you click on Settings and within this section you click on Privacy. Press the drop-down button located next to the Private account option, to put your private Instagram account. You confirm the action and you’re done. Only those who are your followers will be able to see your profile. In the option Do you want to check your followers? You can see your followers to know who sees your profile. That way you can put your Instagram account private.

put private instagram profile from the mobile

With some tool external to the application

There is no tool outside the application that allows you to put your private Instagram profile. You must do it from the same application, that is, you can put Instagram profile private from your mobile, or from the PC. In case you cannot do it from your application, try it from the website with your Chrome browser.

Also for enforce the privacy of your account you can control the stories you post both on Instagram and on other social networks. Since that way they could see your publications. Therefore, it is convenient to configure the privacy of your networks linked to your Instagram account.