How to make homemade duck ham, a French delicacy to show off and dress your salads in luxury

How to make homemade duck ham, a French delicacy to show off and dress your salads in luxury

A few years ago, in a French cookbook, I found this recipe for Make Homemade Duck Ham. As you can well imagine, this ham consists of the duck breast or breast that can currently be found in almost all supermarkets. So this recipe has become a classic in my “fridge bottom” or rather freezer, since I always have a frozen cured breast ready to be tasted at any time and especially to offer to unexpected visitors.

One of the things that made me decide to freeze it the first time was mostly because it was ** easier for me to cut it with the meat slicer ** and then I realized that it was more practical to have it that way, since the slices are so thin that in a few minutes are brought to room temperature as if we had taken them out of the fridge.

In addition, I find those 70-100 g packets of packaged duck ham too expensive, when for the same price I buy a fresh whole breast, but it cannot be defrosted and I have duck ham for a good season.

Find a better airtight glass container with a lid. Make in a bowl a homogeneous mixture of sugar and salt. Place half of this mixture in the container, place the breast on top, well sprinkled with the pepper mixture, cover with the rest of the salt and sugar mixture. Close the glass container and put it in the bottom of the refrigerator, as in the drawer for the fruit to be cured for eighteen hours.

Once the time has passed, remove the breast, clean it well from the salt and sugar, wrap it in a clean cotton cloth and return it to the glass container that we will have previously washed and dried very well. Leave it in the bottom of the fridge, tightly closed and wrapped, dry for three weeks.

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With what to accompany the duck ham

This duck ham is perfect to take alone with a good toast of bread, accompanied with some soft cheeses or as I have had it, with a salad with hints of fruit to contrast with the sweet and salty flavors.

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