The Android Studio application is a program launched by Google in 2013 that plays an important role in creating applications for Android. If you want to make your own application for the first time using Android Studio, stay with us and you will discover how to do it.

The software that we will use has the tools and services necessary to create applications, from the code to the design of the interface that the user will enjoy. Once created you can publish it in the Play Store.

Create your own application in Android Studio from scratch

Although the applications are apparently very elaborate and complex to fulfill their functions, you should not worry. What you should do is install Android Studios on your PC with Windows, Mac or Linux, since it facilitates the process of creating applications. Later you must follow the following steps:

  1. Open the Android Studio program and select “Start a new Android Studio project” which translated means ” Start a new project with Android Studio”.
  2. Specify the important settings: Application name (result that Google Play will return), module name (usually equal to the name of the app), package name (unique identifier of the application), minimum SDK required (minimum Android version to run the app), target SDK (maximum version of Android with which the application you are creating will be able to run), language level (version of Java with which the application will be developed) and icon of the application.
  3. Select “Continue” and then specify the structure or model that you want your application to look like.
  4. Select or indicate the name of the main window of the app.

These are the first steps to create an application by yourself using the Android Studio program. As you noticed, it is a fairly simple process and you don’t need so much knowledge to make it possible.

How to make an application for the first time in Android Studio step by step

Important aspects of projects created in Android Studio

Among the notable and already mentioned aspects of Android Studio is that it is compatible with Windows, Mac, Chrome and Linux operating systems. Installing it on your computer is as easy as installing any other program.

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You will notice that the visual interface of the Android program you are running is stored in an “XML” file in the following path: res/layout/activity_main.xml.

When you open that file, you will see the first screen of the application created, the one that will appear on the Android device when you use it. You can also view the content in “Design” or “Text”, that is, in design or code view.

The codes are modifiable, although for this if you need a little more knowledge. This section is worth paying attention to, as it will make it possible for the application to develop all the functions that you want to provide to users. For example, add a gradient to a button using Android Studio. Otherwise, you will only have a blank app so to speak.

Launch the application on your device in a few steps

You must go to the ” Run/Run app” options menu and you must leave the Android Studio device or emulator on which the application will run selected. Press the «OK» button.

You can also test the application by connecting your mobile device to the computer where you have the Android Studio program and applying the following simple combination: Shift + F10 to test the project. Wait and verify the execution of the app on the phone.

Without a doubt, Android Studio is a great tool, essential for developers. With this you will not only be able to create an application, which as we have already mentioned is its main objective, Android Studio also works perfectly as an Android emulator; try downloading it on the operating systems that we suggested earlier.

How to make an application for the first time in Android Studio step by step

Thus, with this software, you will enjoy all the benefits of Android, and you will also be able to check in real-time if the app you have created works. In addition, this type of tool to develop mobile applications can make you an expert.

That’s not all, one more benefit that you will get when you download it is that if you want you can analyze open source applications or work from other developers who have also used Android Studio. Something that will contribute significantly to you to understand a little more about the designs that catch your attention, and that you can use as inspiration for your own projects.