Publisher is a Microsoft application ideal for beginners. It allows you to create, personalize and share various publications, products, services and marketing material. For this it has various functions; Next, we will explain how to make a catalog of products or services with Microsoft Publisher.

You can do a lot of things with this program that people are generally unaware of. For example, you can make a logo with Microsoft Publisher, or if you want to, you even have the possibility of creating a newspaper template in Publisher.

Everything will depend on the time you dedicate and the experience you gain. This application has many templates, for different types of publications. Reason why it allows you to layout different things; One moment you can create an e-newsletter in Publisher, the next you can create an HTML document in Publisher.

The product catalogs are widely used by vendors and is one of the many templates Publisher. Catalogs help you show different products to your business customers. Microsoft Publisher allows you to easily and for free, create catalogs to capture the attention of customers and attract them to purchase.

Learn to make a catalog of products or services with Microsoft Publisher for free

To create a product catalog, you can do them in two ways. The first is by using the predesigned templates. The second way is to use the Publisher wizard to create catalog combinations.

The first option is for simpler publications, while the second is an option for larger and more elaborate catalogs.

Use pre-designed templates to create product catalogs

The predesigned templates for Microsoft Publisher are ideal for creating catalogs of products with few elements. To start, you must choose the template you want to use and follow these steps:

  • Open Microsoft Publisher. In the left menu choose the option ” new ” to create a document. Then choose ” built-in templates .”
  • The ” catalogs ” option will appear. Now you have to choose between the available options, the design of the template, according to the product that you will present.
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How to make a catalog of products or services with Microsoft Publisher for free

You can also make changes to the position of the catalog, colors, fonts and other elements. The idea is that you can customize the presentation and adapt them to the type of product. The options available in the Publisher panel are very easy to use.

Use the wizard to create a combination of catalogs

This option is ideal for creating a catalog with multiple items. It allows connecting the catalog with a database, spreadsheets, text files, etc. The combination of catalogs allows you to create photo albums, directories and other publications with several elements per page.

To start a combination of catalogs, you must create a new publication in Publisher by following the steps in the previous item. Once you have your catalog template chosen, combine the publication template by selecting the catalog combination template.

Combine the template with other data

Then you can combine the template with other data that you want to include in the catalog pages, later you can show the number of records you want for each page.

Once you have created the template combination, you can save this combination to use again. You will only need to update the data source information, but you can keep the combination.

Plan and organize before creating a product catalog

Before starting a product catalog, it is important that you take the time to plan and organize. For example, you may wonder what factors you want to include in your presentation. One of them is the price of the product, the description, images, among others.

The source of the data that you will use in the catalog combination must include a data field or column. Which must be specific for each type of information that you are going to use. Ideally, you should have all of this information ready before starting your template in Publisher.

Similarly, there must be a column to be able to access the files that contain the images that you will use in the catalog. Remember that this valuable tool also requires you to put it to good use; and take advantage of each of the configuration options to obtain the desired results.

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