How to maintain the diet with the whims of Easter

How to maintain the diet with the whims of Easter

The Holy Week It is a stop on the way to the diet started after the excesses of Christmas and with a view to summer. The sweets and typical dishes of this time, such as French toastpestiños, cutestews, pil pil cod… they are a great temptation.

But is it compatible to maintain the line with eating the sweets and typical dishes of the time? How much can you gain weight? What should be avoided at all costs? Are there dishes or desserts that can be considered healthy? How can you maintain the diet during Holy Week?

How much weight can a person gain during Easter? “It depends on the days you are on vacation, if you eat and drink a lot, but you can gain around two kilos,” explains the nutritionist Judith Lopez. Keep in mind that “a torrija can have between 250 and 350 calories, while a buñuelo a little less, 150 or 200”, he says. But this will always depend on the ingredients (if you have a lot sugarif the milk is skimmed or whole…)

What should be avoided at all costs?

For Judt it is very clear that we must avoid, above all, “sweets and alcohol”, since they are the most fattening. Although this does not mean that they are prohibited. If you can’t pass without having your dessert from Holy Week favorite it is best to do it in small quantities to keep the line: “If they are going to take French toast These days, it will always be better to eat one than two or three,” says López.

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Among the most caloric dishes typical of this time are the garlic soup and the cod fritterscomments Judit López.

Among the most typical desserts, “no”, the nutritionist categorically denies. Although there are some healthier dishes, she indicates, such as “the vigil stew, the cod with pil pil or the widowed potatoes”.

How can you maintain the diet during Easter?

For López the key is in organize how many meals are going to be made unusual: “If we go on vacation for four days, they can be organized to make two more caloric meals,” he says. But, “the rest should be more balanced.”

Another of this nutritionist’s tips to keep fit during these holidays is that “be more active”I mean, it’s a good time to Do more exercise.

It is important to control the alcohol, drink more water, coffee and infusions and that the quantities of sweets or dishes to be avoided are smaller”, he indicates. For example, in the first case, if you go out for a few beers, it is better to have one without. Especially if you want to eat a dessert afterwards.

Therefore, take advantage of Party days to taste the typical gastronomy of these days is not incompatible with take care of the line if you follow the advice of the experts.